Have You Treated Yourself to a Cappuccino Today?

Have You Treated Yourself to a Cappuccino Today?

Maybe you don’t like coffee and that is okay. The question is really asking whether you have given yourself permission to do something for you today. Maybe you went to the shops or had a game of golf with the boys. Maybe you decided to go see the latest movie by your favorite actor. If you did it for you, you are on the way to stay healthy. Many of us feel guilty if we do things for ourselves or we may do them out of a feeling of guilt.

Whilst this may prove to be immediately justifiable, the problem over time is that if we constantly deny ourselves things for the sake of helping others or because we question our right to do things for ourselves, eventually we can become quite burnt out and resentful about our circumstances.

Allowing ourselves to self-care means we allow ourselves to have that cappuccino with a friend rather than stay home and do the dishes. It means giving ourselves permission to go to the gym rather than feeling that report that needs writing can’t wait. Most of the time, with a little planning we can care for personal wellbeing and that simple step is guaranteed to increase our productivity and well-being both at home and at work.

Next time you decide to think twice about something you want to do ask yourself why you are considering saying no to doing it. Of course, there are times when saying no is a necessity, but if it’s something your routinely say, try saying yes to a few things.

As you look after your own needs first, it becomes easier to look after the responsibilities that consume most of your day. Saying no to going to a gym regularly increases your energy and concentration levels. That report that may have taken 2 hours to complete, may now only require an hour of your time, and your body will thank you for it too.

Socializing with friends has been shown to increase emotional well being considerably. Taking time to socialize will improve the quality of time you spend with family and friends and in your attitudes to everyday activities in your life. Over time, you will find it gets easier to look after your own needs, and you will realize it’s not selfish to do this, and the feelings of guilt will diminish.

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