DIY Installation Kits and Four Seasons Sunrooms

At one time, having a sunroom added to your home meant having to hire a contractor to do the work for you. With the introduction of ‘do-it-yourself’ kits- or DIY kits- that is no longer necessarily a fact of life. By installing the sunroom yourself, you are essentially saving thousands of dollars by cutting the cost of labor out of the equation. There are a number of sunroom manufacturing companies that offer DIY kits and will ship you the all necessary materials to put the room together.

Understanding the Price of DIY Kits

The price of the DIY kit you order will be based on the style and the method of constructing or installing your sunroom. For example, building a small four seasons sunroom made of aluminum on top of an already existing deck or cement slab will cost less than building a whole new foundation and sunroom with wood framing. An existing deck or patio is the perfect palette for erecting a sunroom because it is already properly graded and prepared. It will also make measuring for your kit a breeze. Without a patio, you will need to not only pick the best location for your sunroom, but you will also need to grade and prepare the area before you can begin construction concrete-everything. This changes the amount of work to be done and changes the cost of the project if it becomes necessary to hire a contractor to prepare the foundation for you.

Understanding Important Facts About Your DIY Kit

Something to think about when ordering your DIY kit is that they are mere ‘installation kits’. This means they are simply built onto the side of your home and do not come with heating and cooling systems. Rerouting your current HVAC system would require changing the line of your home. This brings building codes into play- something you need to hire a contractor for. If heating and cooling is not an issue, or you live in a climate that will allow you to get by with ceiling fans or a portable heater, then by all means purchase your kit and get to work! Otherwise, you will need to think about the other option of hiring a contractor to construct a sunroom for you. This option may be more expensive but it means- unlike DIY kits- that the work and materials will be covered by a guarantee. In a DIY kit, it is generally only the materials that are covered by a warranty.

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