Romania’s Top Ten Cities to See and Enjoy

Romania is a country in Europe. Although it was not a major tourist destination before the 1990s, now, it has opened itself up to people who would love to see historical places as well as beautiful sceneries. Here are top ten cities in Romania that a visitor should visit.

1.) Bucharest City

In Bucharest, you can visit Romania’s famous museums like the Village Museum and the Museum of the Romanian Peasant as well as Curtea Veche Museum. A lovely walk along the Old City is also a must for any visitor. Likewise, visiting the many churches here as well as monasteries should also be included.

2.) Brasov City in Transylvania

This city has a lot of beautiful¬† escolhasegura places and buildings to see, among them is the Old Town where you will find the Black Church as well as the Piata Sfatilui or Council Square. There are also museums here as well as the infamous Bran Castle, known to be Dracula’s Castle. There are great places to ski here in Brasov also.

3.) Sibiu City of Transylvania

There is an old town here that you can visit if you want a taste of history as well as culture. Likewise, there is also the Citadel of Sibiu and the Huet Square for you to see. You can also see many fortified churches during the Medieval Period that are still standing.

4.) Sighisoara City

For a culture-high, this city is a must-visit as well. Here, you will surely enjoy the sights of the Sighisoara Citadel. You can also visit its Weapon Museum, which houses a lot of medieval weaponry.


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