when you look in the mirror

How often have you visited your favorite cosmetic counter at a large department store and spent money hoping to disguise a sagging face? Those sculpting powders and primers, while promising miraculous results, sadly aren’t powerful enough to stop the droopy jowls that make your face look old and tired. Maybe you’ve tried those eye strips designed to prop up eyelids that are cascading toward your lashes and have decided they are too much trouble. There are so many choices with little or few actual results.

It’s a hard lesson but money spent and spent on the huge array of cosmetic and skin care items probably have not produced the remarkable differences you are seeking.

In fact, when you look in the mirror, the minor problems you were hoping to fix with skin care items five years ago have now escalated into major situations. That wattle keeps growing, the eyebrows are sinking and the jowls at the edge of your mouth make you look pudgy.

Are you tempted by plumping injections that inflate your cheeks hoping for contour and better shape? Did you know that paralyzing injections can create bunny lines on the sides of your nose when you smile? They’re cute on a 5 year old but not so much when you’re 40.

What other youth enhancing trappings have you considered? Facial plastic surgery?

The “stars” of film and TV, in their quest to maintain a youthful visage, have had their share of mishaps using surgery and injections. Surely, they have more disposable income than most “regular” people but even some of their well-paid doctors have somehow missed the mark leaving the recipients with irregular features and tweaked faces that scream, “Botched!”.

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