What Are You Really Getting And Is It Really Free?

Television. Ever since this amazing device replaced radio as the primary means of communication and entertainment it has been a centerpiece of many people’s lives. Not only do people use it for entertainment purposes but also as a main source for news.

There originally were just a handful of channels to choose from, but over the years that has grown and grown. You used to need an antenna to receive any signals, either on the tv itself outside on a roof. Then came the invention of cable tv. This expanded everyones choices exponentially.

Over the years though the cost of cable tv has become too much for many people. An alternative to cable tv that has reached mainstream now is satellite tv. Many people have switched, and more switch every day. Satellite TV is touted as being cheaper and of higher quality.

In fact, everywhere you turn, you see an advertisement for “Free Satellite TV”, or “Free DVR Upgrade”.

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