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The release of the second generation iPhone, has created even more excitement for iPhone lovers. Now it’s easier than ever to own one of these sleek, touch screen phones due to the lowering of prices. The new iPhone is billed as being twice as fast and half the cost of the first generation.

Whether you own a first or second generation iPhone, you probably want to be sure you have all the latest cool stuff to download onto your phone. Sure, it’s a cool looking cell phone and you enjoy getting and receiving calls on it. And, it’s really great to scroll through email in a flash. But, what you really want is to watch movies and your favorite TV shows on that beautiful screen.

So, is it possible to find movies that can be downloaded to iPhone?

Yes, in fact there are several sites offering this service for those wanting to buy download to iPhone. However, you must keep in mind that all download sites are not equal in quality or safety. Some sites offering free downloads can be very tempting, but you should know that using a so-called “free” service could end up being very costly to you in the long run.

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