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Putting your emotions into the words of a love letter is a great way to express what you want to say, to the person you love. For some this is a great way to say what they feel when they have difficulties saying it to their lover, for others, this too is still a struggle. So where do you begin if the idea of “how do I write a love letter” is all a bit much? Here are 5 types of love letters to write that can help you express yourself in words to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Words You Have Never Said

This is the type of letter that expresses the feelings that you have never revealed to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are shy about talking about stuff this is an ideal way to let your lover know what you think and how you feel. This is where you can share with them the characteristics about them that you like and admire, and talk of the things about your relationship that you appreciate. This gives your partner a new insight to you and offers them encouragement and support in who they are and the things that they do.

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