Typing Instead of Driving to Work

If you’d like a stay at home job, without buying equipment you wouldn’t use for anything else, stocking up on inventory or hitting up family and friends to purchase something, take a look at this brief report on what you need and don’t need to earn money (at home) typing.

If you’ve used a search engine like Google or Yahoo to look in to this, chances are good that what you FOUND was a lot of get rich quick schemes on how to make a zillion dollars. At some point you learn that what you’re REALLY going to do is create your own “brilliant sales letter” or maybe even reprint their’s. Usually, it’s to help them sell their product or service or they might even let you pick your own. In any case, while typing is involved, you don’t get paid for any of it. You get “paid” when (and if) your brilliant sales letter sells something.

Usually they don’t explain this until you get their “free report sent right to your email” (which is now forever part of their list). I’m not trying to make anyone hate these people,BUT if you just wanted to know about how to turn your typing skills into money by transcribing the written or spoken word of others, take heart. It can be done and I’m pretty sure it’s a lot easier than conquering the sales world with the latest widget.

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