Neo Planet Skill Stop Machine – A Critical Review

Like most skill stop machines the Neo Planet Video Poker Machine sports many features like flashing lights, spinning reels and ringing bells. The Neo Planet Skill Stop Machine gives the user an unforgettable gaming experience.The machine has good functions that can be used by anyone. Neo Planet Video Poker Machines are high quality backlit machines and they have lights and electronic sounds.

These can be controlled when each reel stops. The lights and sounds take the user through each game of play. When the player hits a winning combination, the lights glow to let the player know about the win. The Neo Planet Skill Stop Machine has its own lighting design and wonderful sound effects. The lights behind the combination glow to let the player know about the combination won.

When the player hits a big payoff combination, the lights keep on flashing and the music continues to play. When the player hits a jackpot, the machine shows the pure fun and excitement that the player lives through. The traditional slot machine has the entire process in its own purview. Here, you can control the play. If there are five lines of play and up to three tokens or coins per spin there is the provision by the machine to stop each reel at the push of a button placed beneath each of the buttons.

The machine plugs into any household outlet and is thus very easy to operate from home. The machine has three LED screens, showing credit tokens won, and the hit count. In the offer of the machine is included the door key the reset key and the user’s manual. The user’s manual helps the user to use the machine more effectively. The weight of the machine stands at a manageable 85 lbs. The dimensions are a length of 32″, a width of 18″ and a depth of 12 “.

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