Can I Put a Downloadable Product on eBay?

It is conceivable to put specific kinds of downloadable items on eBay and there are sure guidelines that you need to follow. This article takes a gander at the sorts of items permitted and the principles that additionally go with them.

1. You own the rights to the items.

This is quite possibly the main guidelines – you have to claim the entirety of the rights to the item.

– If you wish to sell a music CD it should be music that you have composed – you can not sell music that you have from iTunes, or from a show, or off a CD that you have purchased.

– If you have made a film and you own the rights to it, you can sell it. You can not sell motion pictures that you have duplicated off DVD’s that you own, or that you have recorded off the TV or downloaded from the web.

– If you have taken photographs and you own them you can sell these. Nonetheless, you are not permitted to sell any photographs that have a place with others. You likewise should know that on the off chance that you have taken photographs of individuals, you need the authorization of the individuals in the photograph to sell it.

– If you have you have made PC programming yourself and you own the rights to it then you can sell it. You can’t sell some other program except if you are approved to sell it online by the owner,their specialist or the law.

2. Posting Rules

Any item that is downloadable should be set in the Everything Else > Information Products classification in eBay and it must be recorded in the ordered add design.

It is conceivable to get your digital books recorded in another class as long as you observe these extra principles.

– Send the eBook by postal mail.

Remember the accompanying content for your posting, in exactly the same words. We suggest reordering it into your thing portrayal. Make certain to utilize a similar text dimension as the remainder of your portrayal.

I will send this eBook by postal mail. Sending it by email or by some other computerized conveyance strategy isn’t permitted and abuses eBay strategy.

It is additionally conceivable to list downloadable programming in the Computers and Networking > Software > Downloads class on the off chance that you as of now have set up a satisfaction cycle to convey the computerized things.  You at that point need to apply to be an affirmed dealer of programming downloads on eBay.

3. Know your privileges.

It is additionally an awesome plan to ensure you think about copyright, licensed innovation rights, licenses and brand names.

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