Real Estate Trends in Chester

Envision an existence where you can loosen up, unwind and have a great time walking around sandy sea shores, meandering down grand nation streets, climbing through lush slopes or simply getting a charge out of a terrific nightfall over a rough shore. Presently envision that this isn’t your excursion, you’re your full-time life! You’re drawing near to what exactly it resembles to live in Chester, Nova Scotia. Peruse on to discover more about Chester land and living on the South Shore…

Under 45 minutes’ drive from Halifax, delightful Chester Municipality flaunts extraordinary shopping encounters that are well known with the travelers who rush to the minuscule Village of Chester each late spring – a noteworthy coastline resort in southern Lunenburg County noted for cruising, golf, impressive summer homes, studio and exhibitions. Blandford and the Aspotogan Peninsula brag marvelous sea perspectives and incredible cycling openings, and the zone is likewise known for agrarian galleries, shows, swap meets, marches, golf competitions, fishing, winged creature watching, boat-building, and a large group of local area fairs, bloom shows, rivalries, rallies and dinners.

On the off chance that this sounds engaging, the incredible news for property purchasers is that the travel industry has not made land costs spike to irrational levels. A new property posting look for homes in Chester uncovered that costs range from a unimaginably reasonable $89,900 for a 950 square foot 3 room home on a one-section of land part, straight up to $699,000 for a Chester milestone, referred to local people as “The Boathouse” – a revamped shoreline desert spring with a lily lake, ensuite showers, and pleasant perspectives on boats secured in the celebrated Chester harbor and untamed sea past. The memorable home is strolling distance to tennis, twisting, skating, the Chester Playhouse, boutiques, the yacht club and even a golf club.

Normal costs for regular Chester homes available to be purchased drift around the $250,000 mark, with a plenty of styles and alternatives to browse. Heaps of land are additionally accessible for buy and ensuing turn of events – from the $50,000 mark for prime waterfront property. For a broad rundown of houses and parcels right now available, visit the MLS site and select Nova Scotia.

As per the Royal Bank’s Housing Trends and Affordability Report of November 2009, evaluating energy is presently easing back in the Greater Halifax Area, making the Chester land market a decent one for the two purchasers and venders.

For more than 100 years, guests have gone to the region and found Nova Scotia land [] to be an attractive headquarters to live, work and play. Why not go along with them in searching for a dazzling property on the fabulous island-studded coastline of Chester?

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