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The Shadow Warrior is another one of the career options that a player can choose from when he opts to play for the High Elves Army. They are one who watches the Dark Elf from a distance as the latter tries to get into Ulthuan. They wield long swords and long bows. A number of gamers have constructed guides to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against them.

They trace their history as High Elves top up online from the time that Nagarythe, and the elves, were divided by the civil war. Those elves who swore allegiance to the Witch King Malekith were proclaimed Dark Elves. But those sinister and cunning elves who still chose to fight for the Phoenix King became these. They are versatile. The have moves specifically associated with their battlefield strategies. These are:

1. assault – would somehow pertain to those quick and easy moves in eliminating an enemy, such as slaying a target with the long sword in one quick, graceful movement.

2. scouting – will refer to moving forward and looking out for strategic locations within the battlefield which may be used to the their advantage.

3. skirmish – which is basically their version of a hit and run—in such a way that they attack their enemies while on the run.

When you play as them, you have to be a keen observer. You must look at the situation on the battlefield and instead of marching head on to just attack, you must first analyze what best approach could be made—as this is a trait definitive of them. They watch silently. They observe as Dark Elves try to attack the continent from behind the tree lines. He watches his enemy’s movements and decides thereafter what mode of attack is most suitable. they are “cool” warriors. They do not inflict revenge upon a wounded opponent unless it is truly the ideal situation. The more enraged he becomes, the more power he is as well.

On the other hand, when you play against them, you have to identify his weaknesses. The key is to lessen or completely rid their mobility. They can harass you even from a distance and this will make it difficult for you to attach them. One technique is to attack them from a safe distance. Although the damage inflicted may not be as high, they will still be affected.

Among the career options available for a player within the High Elves Army, they can be the most intriguing if not the most challenging of the classes. They do not seem to be very up there when it comes to skills, but they have their strengths. A player must really be wise in analyzing their moves, both as the controller and the enemy. It is only then that he will identify what makes them a worthy choice from among the many career options. It is also useful to know of the top Warhammer Online shadow warrior guide to help you with your game.

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