Thriving When Life Requires Survival Skills

Sometimes life feels hard. Getting up in the morning to face the same challenges as the day before with no hope in sight is discouraging. Facing a stack of bills that seem grow daily, and a job that doesn’t satisfy your creative spirit, all begin to feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders. Perhaps vision boards and self help books cover your home from one end to the other but none of them seem to have the answer. Another day of just trying to make it through awaits so you grit your teeth and prepare to survive.

This is when so many give up on changing their circumstances. Let’s take a deeper look though at what is actually happening during this dark night of the soul. Consider a seed planted beneath the soil. Within the seed is the full experience of that plant. A gardener plants a pea seed to experience an abundance of peas. Even though the seed is covered with rich soil, has plenty of water and sunshine it doesn’t pop up the next day as a bush covered with peas ready to eat.

That seed experiences magic under the dirt of the garden. Slowly it begins it’s journey to expansion as it cracks open it’s shell and starts the growth upward to the sun where with the aid of bees it will produce many times over in an abundance of its own image. The pea doesn’t give up because within a week or two it has not produced an abundance. The gardener doesn’t give up and pull the tiny plant from the ground to start with another seed. Both the seed and the gardener know how life works and they accept that the Survival Skills  fullness of plenty is already there, contained within the seed and the plant. They wait in anticipation of the fullness of that experience.

When creating a new experience it’s often tempting to give up and rush to try something else. This is as counter productive as the gardener who pulls up the plants because they haven’t produced in a short time. The wise gardener nurtures the young plants and stays focused on the harvest. The wise life creator who is ready to thrive rather than just survive does the same. Anticipation of the reality already being present even though it’s not seen is a powerful energy that continues the flow of energy to create the experience.

When life feels like a survivalist reality show, don’t give up. Stay aware of the creative process and celebrate the harvest knowing that within each seed is the complete expanded experience. Your thoughts are the seed so plant with care, nurture with excitement and trust that the Universe always supports you. Notice the small changes that occur daily and celebrate each one to the fullest. Life expands to create more of what is set in motion, so plant your seed with care.



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