Website Marketing For New Webmasters

The first point I would like to make is for any new webmaster that is coming online planning to make money online, you are not alone so be prepared for a fight. This is one of the key concepts a new webmaster and/or blogger must get through their head when joining us other webmasters. We don’t give up our spot on Google SERPs easily and most of us have spent a long time where we are at and have fought for years with other webmasters that try and take what we got. sobitech If you create a website trying to teach people to make money you are on my turf and trust me I spend twelve to fourteen hours a day seven days a week marketing and updating my website and blogs. This is the kind of time that you must be willing to give up if you want my spot and believe me every other niche (category of website) has the dominators up in the top ranks of Google who spend as much time if not more making sure they out market you in every way. So then you are new and want in to our little club there will be some steps to earn your rank. If you follow these and refuse to give up then you will make it online. If you want to make money quick then you need to stop reading and buy one of those get rich quick schemes that you see on TV after a few of those let you down feel free to come and find out how to market a website.

1st and foremost, build your website for your readers. If you have a website that is really helpful to people then a minimal amount of marketing will be necessary. This goes double for blogs so take the time when building your website to make it a readers dream. Once the reader is done reading more than likely they will bookmark your website or blog and share it with others which usually will get you free one way backlinks as well as viral traffic. Now if you are running a business website in a competitive niche trying to offer what everyone else is offering then a more intensive marketing campaign will be in order.

2nd, when creating your site make sure to take the steps to SEO (search engine optimization). This is making sure the on page and off page keyword density is in check. SEO is one of the most complicated aspects of being a webmaster and you should never thing you know how. It is OK to have a good idea, but Google is always changing their algorithm meaning what use to help in the search engines no longer does or actually hurts your website. To learn SEO do a search for webmaster forums in Google and you will see Digital Point Forums and V7N forums which are the leading two webmaster forums online. This is the place to ask your questions concerning SEO and find the newest articles and best websites/blogs about the subject. They will also help you with your link building and other aspects of website marketing.

3rd, the dreaded link building. OK once you have your website or blog up and it has been optimized for placement in the SERPs next is beginning a link building campaign. There are several areas which you can go to do this, but before we get into where and how to build links towards your website something must be discussed. If you plan on spamming (placing your link where it does not belong) then please don’t read this you have already failed as a webmaster/blogger and will not succeed online. Do not place your link on a forum with an ad about your website they will kick you out. If you decide to jump from do follow to do follow blog placing only your websites name in the your name box and in the comment section placing an ad for your website then plan on your web host getting so many complaints about your website they delete you. Now if you are willing to actually take the time to build links correctly and when trying to get links willing to follow the rules read on.

OK there are a lot of places to get free backlinks online and not just a couple; you can get thousands upon thousands of free backlinks if you work with these types of resources. There are a lot of different ones for this article I will cover the 5 biggest and best. To find a list of any resource just go to Google and type list of social bookmarking website or list of webmaster forums.

1. Social Bookmarking: The basic description of a social bookmarking site is a website that has a community that submits a URL, picture, or video and allows the community to view and vote either good or bad. These are the key to get indexed very quickly and if your website is well liked by the community you will receive referral traffic in the thousands. My favorite webmaster social bookmarking site is and my favorite blogging social bookmarking website is There are hundreds out there if you want a list all you need to do is ask Google.

2. Forum Posting: This is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks and as long as you do not spam a forum is also one of the best ways to build relationships with webmasters and bloggers in your niche. Now to place a link in your signature you must know BB code. Here is the code you should use to place a link within your signature [url=””]your keywords[/url]. Place that in your signature and every post that you do will give you 1 free one way backlink. Now to find a forum that is in your niche do a Google search for “your niche keywords + forum”. This will help you find a forum in your niche though there is a couple of forums that everyone who runs a website or blog should use and those are and

3. Article Writing should also play a role when you are trying to gain high quality one way backlinks. It is simple write an article and read the publishing guidelines of the article directory about how many URL’s you can have per article and where the URL’s are allowed to be placed. The article directories that I use are,, and These three will help you build backlinks to your website if you write quality articles and submit them.

4. Blog Commenting has two benefits. The first one is you get a backlink for each comment you post on a blog that is do follow. To find do follow blogs search Google for a do follow blog directory. Now when commenting on a blog DO NOT SPAM. If you leave only your keywords in the name and a crap advertisement in the comment section your comment will be rejected. Take the time to read the post and write something intelligent. The second benefit when commenting on a blogs is you will start building relationships with the blog owners. This will usually lead to guest posting, them placing a link to your website or blog, and making a new friend. These three things of course will not happen if you spam.



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