Power of the Mighty Tongue!

The Bible teaches that there is great power of the tongue…it can be used to heal and to hurt. Read James 3, it describes the very destructive power of an untamed tongue.

Just stop for a moment and think how it felt when someone last praised you. They may have said how great you looked or what a good job you did. It probably made your day!

Then stop and think how it felt when someone criticized you, called you a name or said something untrue. We say we won’t let it ruin our day, but we all know how hard it is to shake a verbal (or written) attack. I dare say we’ve all had this happen. I know that I have and it stings and hurts and has a direct bearing upon how I am able to fulfill my duty as a wife and mother. A stick in the eye or a stone upside of the head would probably have been less painful.

It’s not just the verbal words that can hurt people. This is the era of technology. We can now be “stung” with an untamed tongue via the keyboard. Instead of a verbal “lashing” that we can audibly hear, we get the “flame” that burns. Both cause great pain!

It has been said that the tongue of man is like a fire, which can set a whole forest ablaze. As we know from the huge wildfires in the past, a small flame can ignite a huge fire!

James tells us that the tongue is a fire, ignited by hell itself! The tongue is so mighty that when it is uncontrolled it can wreak havoc with our bodies and the bodies of those that the deadly poison has been aimed at!

We can send a man to the moon, harness the power of an atom, yet we can’t seem to bridle our own tongue?!

As I tell my children (and often remind myself), we will have to account for every word that comes out of our mouth and every word that we have written. Therefore, we must remember that we need to be very careful of what we say verbally as well as with what we write in our emails, blogs, forums. God sees and knows it all. We can send something anonymous, but we are not anonymous to God.


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