Tiny Microbes Are Bringing a Revolution in the Mighty Agriculture Market

Have you ever thought how the microbes could change the economies of big agricultural companies? The faster period for development and fewer regulatory obstacles along with the increased need to minimize environmental impact boosts the microbial pesticide market growth. Microbes have stormed the conventional agriculture market. Read along to get interesting insights!

Microbial pesticides are derived from microorganisms, like bacteria, virus, or fungi, used to control other biological pests, e.g., insects. Compared to other commonly used pesticides, they are safe for both users and consumers of treated crops. These are also known as biological pathogens and bio-control agents. Industry leaders are shifting toward strategies, such as mergers and acquisitions, along with collaborations, to explore the microbial technologies that can be used in the field of agriculture, as microbes have now successfully joined the war against cop killers.

How are they changing the crop protection market dynamics?

• The toxicity of the microbial pesticides is very much species-specific, i.e., they do not directly affect the beneficial predators or parasites of pests in applied areas.

• As the product has no or very low residual effects, it can easily be applied even when a crop is almost ready to harvest.

• Records have shown that pests tend to become resistant to conventional pesticides, thus, proving that pesticides are not a long-term solution, something that never happens with the use of microbial pesticides.

• The cost of development of microbial pesticide is low compared to conventional pesticides.

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