Tips for the wannabe artists

There are many people with art talent who have never pursued their dream or interest. Why? Perhaps, it is the fear of rejection; or they feel it is not profitable enough; or they don’t think they have the time; or they don’t know how to get started; or a number of other reasons and excuses. Therefore, if they do nothing, they will forever remain what they are: wannabe artists.

The good news is that it is never too late to begin. Do you remember Grandma Moses? She didn’t get started with her artwork until she was over seventy. Over the next three decades, she painted hundreds of works of art. She painted until she was a hundred and one years old.

For the wannabe artist, there are several roads to travel to reach their destination. First, however, they need to decide what they wish their destination to be. Second, they need to be motivated and determined. Third they need to do their research, because no matter how much natural talent one possesses, there has to be some education that goes with art. It doesn’t have to be formal, but it needs to be thorough and intensive. They need to master techniques, decide which style they want to use (or create a style of their own), and become proficient in the medium or mediums with which they wish to work.

If someone determines to be a great artist and famous someday, then this is a lofty goal and should not be discouraged. If they wish only to be respected as a local artist in their community, this also is a lofty goal, and it, too, should not be discouraged. The magic word here is goal. Setting and achieving goals requires determination and understanding.

An artist will not be successful at their goals without being and remaining motivated. This not only includes mastering their style, technique, and use of their selected medium, but how to promote, show, and sell their works of art. However, being motivated is one thing, but remaining motivated is another. It takes time, planning, and work, and therein is the problem. An artist needs to ask themselves daily: “How bad do I want it?” It is easy to become discouraged but, when this happens, pick up the brush, dip it into the paint, and slap it onto the canvas. A new inspiration will immediately arise; a new passion will begin; and a new determination will be confirmed.

Here are some tips for the wannabe artists:

You should always be a student and take lessons from as many different instructors as possible. Even if the lessons aren’t in a preferred medium, it helps to understand how to manipulate as many different mediums as available. With books and the internet, an artist can get all kinds of instructions, information, and lessons.

You need to be a joiner, enter art contests, and take an active part with art societies and clubs. If there are none available in your community, create them. Find people to associate with that will help and encourage you. This is invaluable for your art career. What if the famous artists Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Georges Braque not had the association with Gertrude Stein and the supportive group that surrounded her? Would the world have discovered them as readily as it did? I think not.

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