Vastu Shastra Tips For A Master Bedroom

The bedroom has a very important influence on people who sleep in it. Since a master bedroom belongs to the master or the head of the house, it is very important that this room be rightly oriented and decorated so that the master’s mind remains balanced and he maintains a positive attitude. vastuconsultant Vastu shastra gives specific and clear guidelines about how a master bedroom should be oriented and about the colors and d├ęcor that can be used in this room.

The right orientation

According to vastu, a master bedroom has to be located in the southwest corner of the house. Preferably, the bedroom should be located on the topmost floor, if the house is duplex or split level. In case it is not possible for the head of the family to have his bedroom on the top floor, the topmost southwestern bedroom can be given to the eldest child of the family. Southwest is the direction of earth, which in turn implies weight and heaviness. Since the head of the family is the most powerful force at home, this direction is suitable for master bedroom.

Decoration tips for master bedrooms

Master bedrooms should be shaped such that the room has four sides and corners, square and rectangle being examples. Beds should not be placed directly under beams. Also, box beds are not recommended for master bedrooms. In case you do have box beds, do not fill the boxes with clutter. Keep the bed light and clean, both inside and out. The sleeping position should be north facing.

The entrance of the master bedroom should be towards northeast. Vastu also suggests that wardrobes and almirahs should be placed on the southwest corner of the room. You can use the northern or eastern walls to place dressing tables and mirrors. It is important to ensure that mirror does not face the bed. Electronic equipments such as television, air conditioners, electronic locks, music players and others should be on the east. If you want to have a study table in the master bedroom, keep it in the north.

Shades of pinks are considered good colors for bedrooms because the color is soothing and romantic. Other suitable colors are grey, pastel blue, pastel green, off-whites and light rose. Bright reds should be avoided because they cause aggression. However, reds can be used as highlights.

Aspects are in accordance with scientific calculations

Blindly following these directional elements and vastu tips does not bring prosperity and wealth to a house, although these aspects do help in a big way. Precise planning and calculations are carried out depending on the aspects of rooms and the house with regard to geographical north and south. Based on these calculations, exact positions of articles, furniture and structural elements are decided.

Vastu experts believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in vastu. Since every person is unique, his requirements are unique as well. Customized solutions are the most effective for vastu. So, it is beneficial to consult a vastu expert before embarking on redecoration your home. The expert will probably want to visit your home or hold a long conversation to discuss details of construction and arrangement of homes before suggesting the most effective master bedroom design. The major advantage of consulting experts is that you do not have to demolish any part of the home.

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