Plastic Trays – Getting Creative With Ice Cube Trays

There are all kinds of plastic trays available today from oven-ready meal trays to microwavable trays, serving trays, and take-away food trays among others. You can use these trays to hold things. For example, in the bathroom, you can organize shampoos and conditioners on one neat, little tray to make the room look tidy.

Plastic first made an appearance way back when Leonardo da Vinci introduced a form of plastic made of both vegetable and animal glues that he combined with organic fibers.

Over the years, plastic has evolved. Today, there are several kinds of plastics available and the uses for these plastic containers are virtually limitless. The problem with plastic is that huge amounts of it end up not just in landfills, but also in the oceans of the world. Haven’t you seen some of the television shows that depict the huge floating mass of garbage in the Pacific Ocean?

We have to be responsible in our use of plastic and try to use recyclable plastic only. Reusing ice trays is one way of doing your bit for the environment. There are a few ways you can reuse old plastic ice trays.

Ice cube trays are a fantastic way of organizing drawers and work benches. All the tiny bits and pieces that are needed in your workshop can be sorted and tidily stored in these trays. This will save you loads of time because instead of having to remove everything from the drawer to find that one screw or nut, you can now lay your hands on what you want immediately. On the same note, you can put an old tray in your desk drawer and get all your paper clips and bits and pieces organized.

If you have children, you can give them old ice trays to use as their painting trays; these plastic trays are just perfect as paint trays. Use cling wrap to cover the tray if you have paint leftover in it and you can use it again another time. No waste whatsoever!

The trays can also be used by your kids when doing craft work for storing small items like beads or sequins. Get creative. You can surely come up with lots of ideas to reuse old plastic ice trays!

Another use is to make a hole in the bottom of each cube, fill with good plotting soil and then plant with your favorite vegetable and use the tray as a plant starter.

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