8 Common Mistakes That New Product Reviewers Make

Starting a product review blogging business takes a lot of hard work and patience, but if you do your homework and take your time with it, it can pay off big in just a few short months.

As a product reviewer, It is your job to write the review and to promote the review for the sponsoring client. This review should consist of several paragraphs, be properly keyword linked pertaining to the clients niche and then you must promote the review on behalf of that sponsoring client.

All of this sounds easy, right? product review Wrong, It is a lot of hard work! If you are just getting into writing product reviews, there are a lot of mistakes that new writer’s make and today I would like to point out a few of them.

1. Blog followers and readers just don’t magically find you and follow your blog. As the site owner it is your job to get out there (almost daily) and promote your blog site at various places online. You can do this by networking with other review bloggers, setting up a Facebook, Twitter and Linked In Accounts and utilizing those accounts as much as possible to draw new followers and readers into your blog site.

2. It is your job to write more than 1-2 mini paragraphs for the review. You really need to use, consume and/or wear the product you are writing about. Give as much information about the company and their products that you can in your write up.

3. Proofread your review before posting it live on the web. It looks really unprofessional to have a slew of spelling and grammar mistakes in your review and sponsoring company’s really dislike unprofessionally written reviews. I can not tell you how often I come across poorly spelled reviews in my online travels.

4. You will need a good digital camera! Some companies will provide photo’s for you to use in your write up but other companies will insist that you take photo’s of you and/or your family using the product for the review. You always want to post some type of photo with your review…whether it is the company’s graphic or ones that you take yourself.

5. Do the work! You can not write a review and just post it on your site and walk away. The sponsoring company expects (and rightfully so) that you get out there online and promote that newly written review. On average, company’s expect you to promote that review numerous times every week for a minimum of 2 weeks.

6. Don’t junk up your blog site with too many advertisers, graphics, links, etc. When you post too many buttons, banners and graphics all over your blog and side bar, it makes your site look like an advertising spam factory and not an informational blog. In addition, it will dramatically slow down your site’s loading time which in the end…will turn off potential new readers and company sponsors.

7. You want to make sure that you do your own work! It is very unprofessional to run around to other similar sites and steal their content information, advertisers and sponsor leads. You will find that the majority of these sites are now copyrighted so please do not copy others who are also doing this type of work.

8. Be consistent with your writing and posting of new product reviews. If you take off too much time…your readers will go elsewhere for their information. In addition, you don’t want to posting up 5+ reviews every day of the week as that is information overload for those who read and follow your blog. It is your job to find a happy medium that keeps both you and your readers happy.

As you jump into this new world of writing product reviews you will make a few mistakes along the way. When it happens…correct them quickly and move on. Try to learn from others who are already successful with this type of business and take it upon yourself to educate yourself fully before jumping in. Being prepared ahead of time…will help to guarantee less mistakes down the road.

Shelly Hill is the Co-Owner of the Two Classy Chics Product Reviews & Giveaways Blog with her business partner Chris Carroll. Shelly and Chris are both professional ghost writers and article marketers. You can visit their online product review’s web site at to schedule a review and/or enter one of their many online product giveaways.

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