Cash Nickerson Unveils Compelling

Cash Nickerson, a recognized expert on aging workplace trends, has an interesting insight on this sector of the workplace. In contrast to bias against the aging workplace, Nickerson identifies the importance of the aged, experienced worker crucial to any company for their experience, education and the ability to mentor younger workers. This, he asserts is essential to today’s workplace in order to ensure workforce productivity and revenues. Without communication and building relationships between different employees, Nickerson believes that today’s corporation could lose competition.

Nickerson definitely has the education and experience to identify key workforce trends. Over his 25 years as an attorney, writer and CEO, he has gained a unique insight into what makes a company successful in terms of employee relationships that result in success.

In his second book, BOOMERangs, Nickersons starts off by addressing the two most import challenges facing today’s worldwide work force: global warming and global aging. He believes that the American workplace has never been more stratified as it currently is. Why? Nickerson asserts that changes have to be made regarding the legal, social and cultural attitudes as well as the required actions that need to be implemented to create a healthy balance between young and older employees. This will result in valuable commercial success.

However, BOOMERangs does more than just identify current and looming problems. In chapter 10 of this small book (135 pages), he includes a simple list of 10 tips for employers to consider.Those include: when to increase or downsize a work force, and how to include accommodations for older workers, who may want more flexibility in their schedule and who can train emerging leaders through mentoring and job-sharing.

Nickerson, in describing “BOOMERangs, said that: “It (the book) is revolutionary in that it addresses a necessary overhaul of our attitudes, our biases, our laws, and our workplace rules in order to realign those things with the actual human lives that are taking place today.”

Nickerson’s research was included in an article, “6 Ways Your Company Can Adapt To An Aging Workforce” by Patrick Ball, associate editor of WHAT PUBLICATION. Ball discusses six factors for success in today’s workplace. He writes about the significance of key data from Nickerson, such as age neutrality to mentoring programs. Some key points from his article are:

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