How to Ace the Interview and Win the Job by Paul Freiberger

The number one thing you can do to be successful with a job interview is to prepare. How to prepare for an interview is exactly what “When Can You Start? How to Ace the Interview and Win the Job” by Paul Freiberger is about. Freiberger’s advice, if followed, will assist many in preparing for and being interviewed and ultimately landing the job.

The book is divided into 15 easy to understand and implement chapters. Freiberger walks the reader through all elements of interviewing for a job and provides outstanding tips an suggestions throughout. The book begins with a chapter on preparation. Like I mentioned, this is the most important ingredient to being successful with any job interview. The book the continues with chapters on researching before the interview, doing informational interviews, how to do phone interviews, questions you must be able to answer (All variations of the most important question), how to deal with your weaknesses, succeeding in panel interviews, a little on questions that may be illegal to be asked and how to handle them, dealing with trick questions, saying “thank you” and meaning it, new forms of interviews, what questions you should ask when given the opportunity, a short guide on salary negotiations, a few extra linchpins for interview success, and a sample of the ideal interview.

Having coached college students before interviews when I directed the Center for Leadership Development at the University of Montana, I was familiar with many of the suggestions Freiberger included in this text, and found all of them to be very sound advice. But I also learned some new things for any future coaching I happen to do. I liked how the book was laid out, and how it focused on preparing and providing practical answers to the most commonly asked questions. The book is filled with practical advice and gems of wisdom from someone who knows the career improvement field.

I believe this book will be useful for anyone facing an important job interview, but especially for those new graduates who may not have much practice interviewing under their belts. This book really aims to help the job seeker, and I believe the author hit the bull’s-eye. It will help determine the best answers and just as important keep you from answering with the wrong answers. If preparation is the key to job hunting success, and it is, reading “When Can You Start?” should be your first step in preparing to win the job you want.

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