Carhartt Flannel Shirts

There are different types of fabrics available in the market. One of the popular types is the flannel which is soft fabric woven loosely with a spun yarn. One of the most common examples where flannel is used often is in sleepwear or even premium bed sheets. Carhartt has taken inspiration from the sleepwear and included the fabric in its shirts which are quite a rage in the market. Wool or cotton is the most commonly used flannels in shirts though worsted yarn was also used. However, with time the usage of worsted yarn is on a decline and shirts made with the same and very rarely to be found.

Features of the Carhartt flannel shirt:

• It is heavy duty clothing made for lasting really long. As the brand claims it to be a ‘workhorse’, they have made the shirt from woven and single napped cotton.

• The cotton used is 8 ounce to create the flannel. It is 100% cotton made.

• One of the most important  geekowear. features of heavy duty clothes is to include pockets. The shirt has two pockets on the chest which are quite large owing to the fact the shirt is meant to be rough handled. The buttons are also pretty strong and in some places it is riveted just like is done in jeans shirts.

• One of the most important features of Carhartt flannel shirts is that the seams are often triple stitched often leaving no room for the slightest weak link in the same. Therefore the shirts are pretty strong and can be used wherever you want to and use it how you want to!

In flannel shirts it is the quality of cotton that decides how the shirt will be. The cotton gives strength, look, feel and durability to the shirt. Also during cold winter months, the shirts can also be used as a good wear that can be worn beneath your winter jackets or coats. Flannel shirts provide an additional layer of air entrapment that makes it worthwhile of using in winters, though it cannot be said that you can pass the entire winter just by using a simple flannel shirt.

Delicate clothes aren’t meant for working. Jeans was developed in the west and that too came from the rail-road workers and cow-boys who found it difficult to keep their dressing costs low with simple clothes. Necessity always has been the mother of invention – that was the invention of jeans. Further down the years, flannel shirts were made using spun cotton. These shirts had the reputation of being very strong yet lighter than traditional jeans shirts whose joints and seams had to be riveted. The flannel shirt, despite being a strong cloth can easily work with simple stitches instead of rivets and that lowers the weight considerably.

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