Integrity Online – 3 Ways Plagiarism Can Quickly Ruin Your Reputation

Here To Inspire Abundant Awareness About a Possible Epidemic

Displaying integrity online is a virtue that many online users fail to use. In fact, you may be one of them or know of someone. In most cases, especially in the last 5-10 years with scams and illegitimate businesses and business practices (Wall Street, for example), integrity online appears to be an Oxymoron! Whether it’s writing articles or providing other content, such as forum comments, press releases, and videos, at first glance, lacking integrity online is a reoccurring and possible epidemic issue.

I believe this recurrence is because of the following two factors:

1. people are honestly “unaware” of the ethical etiquette of providing original content and fail to recognize the severity of taking someone else’s content and calling it their own

2. people are blatantly “stealing” content from others so they don’t have to spend the intellectual and physical energy creating their own valuable content

This severe act damaging process is known as Plagiarism.

It’s not uncommon these days for a high school or college student, to pay, sometimes top dollar, for content such as Essays, Reports, and Research Papers that are not of their own making, totally ignoring integrity online. In most educational systems, like a University, a student, teacher, professor can be expelled or fired for plagiarism and this can definitely affect one’s future resume when seeking other employment.

So, why does plagiarism appear to be the “norm” and seems to be rampant on the Internet, while using integrity online is overlooked?

This particular issue was brought to my attention recently, which inspired me to address the issue of online integrity in this article. Therefore, in the scope of having integrity online and in the space of Self-Mastery, this article exist to Inspire People’s Abundant Awareness to the seriousness of Plagiarism and I pray that this article will educate, inspire, transform, and literally “wake people up” to the severity of violating another person’s unique, intellectual creativity.

Obviously, because of this type of violation, national and international laws have been established for some time. I believe that using integrity online and creating content requires a resolution to do what is right. As Stan Toler stated it in his book, Minute Motivators for Leaders-Quick Inspiration for the Time of Your Life,

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