Three Rapid Ways on How to Count Words in PDF Files

PDF files are very useful nowadays because they are compact and can easily be managed. One of the best qualities about this is that you can access or read it anytime you want if you have a device that can read PDFs. In general, there are more and more devices that support reading portable document format files so if it is a very important PDF, you can read it as soon as you need it. Working with PDFs is not difficult but it is different when you are using a word processor. The latter has more features in it and you can create documents there on the spot. With PDF, you cannot generate a PDF file instantly because most of the time you are only using a PDF reader. However, it is not a problem if you would like to create a PDF document since there are a lot of.doc to.PDF converters online. They can even be obtained for free. All you need is to download them and then you can use them the moment you have installed them on your PC. Now, if you would like to count words in PDF files, there are three easy ways that will allow you to do so.

The first method in getting the total number of words in PDF files is to use a word processor. So what you need to do here is to open the PDF document that you would like to count the total number of words and then open a new document in the word processor as well. Once you have the document ready, copy and paste the entire document into the word processor. You can use the application’s option for word count and that’s it. Now the problem is if the document is quite long or you might not want to copy the entire document because there are some that you might not need. One related solution is to save a text copy of the PDF file. This way, you can transfer the contents of the text file into the word processor that you are using and you can count words in PDF.

The next technique is to use an online word count tool that is designed for PDF. You will need to upload your document though so that the online tool will read and count the total number of words for you. The word count PDF tool is quite useful especially since you can get the results in a few seconds depending upon your internet connection and sometimes the length of the document as well. However, you also need to be wary in trusting the online site since you will be uploading your own document into that particular website. Make sure that you completely trust it and that your file is protected against malicious users.

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