Secrets to Growing Your Business With Public Speaking

When it comes to growing your business, you need to get in front of your target audience with a compelling message to get exposure, gain credibility, foster relationships and get new clients.

There are lots of benefits to public speaking as a marketing strategy for small business:

You can get in front of a lot of people, you set yourself up as an expert, your audience bond with you faster than almost anything else you can do and you also learn more about your target market, their needs, desires and questions, which you can use to improve your marketing materials and strategies.

Speaking at seminars, networking meetings, and trade associations is one of the fastest ways for growing a small business according to industry leaders.

When I newly started using speaking and presentations as marketing strategies to growing my coaching and consulting business, it was tough, and I mean very tough.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but, I made it a game to figure out how to do it. After over three years of struggle, I eventually got some things right and got my first paying coaching client from a thirty five minutes presentation I did to a group.

When using public speaking as a marketing strategy to grow your business, I recommend these seven strategies:

1. Start where you are comfortable.If you are just starting to speak, schedule yourself for events where you feel comfortable getting your feet wet.

I started getting my feet wet at my local Toastmasters club where I developed my confidence. I actually got my first paid speaking opportunity from a 7 minutes presentation I did at one of our meetings.

Plan to speak to smaller clubs and organisations that you belong to or that have meetings close to where you live. Join local networking clubs and leads groups.

These are great places to do short talks in front of people that you see on a regular basis. Let them know you are available to speak to other clubs and organisations. Let your networking groups help spread the word about your availability.

As you get more experienced and comfortable speaking, people will start inviting you to speak to their clubs, will tell you about other opportunities, and you will be able to successfully land larger speaking engagements

2. Speak to the right audience. Your audience must be someone who needs, wants, and can afford your professional services.

3. Select the right topic. Speak about what your audience want to learn. Find out what people want to learn by asking ahead of time. The presentation must be something they care about. To be successful, your topic

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