Making Money With Kindle – Become an Amazon Publisher and Cash in on The Latest Kindle Craze

Not only is Amazon a great way to buy things, it is also absolutely unparalleled for the way in which it encourages us, its customers, to become its suppliers too and start a business with them.

There are various ways you can make money on Amazon including Marketplace, Associates and more recently Fulfilment By Amazon. But we’ve never looked at this opportunity before. It’s perhaps a little more involved than some of the other Amazon opportunities, but it offers potential to be the biggest yet.

Making Money with Kindle – How to become a publisher with Amazon

This includes how you can create your own books, ebooks, audio books, video and music and have what is perhaps the world’s biggest online business sell them for you. Better still, you won’t necessarily need any books of your own!

It seems too good to be true that Amazon allow you to start a business with them and share in their global success. I guess this is one of the reasons why so many people don’t do it. But whether you are already making money from Amazon, or looking for a new business opportunity, I really do think you should take a look at publishing with Amazon.

Not 1 but 3 ways you can publish with Amazon

One of the good things about publishing with Amazon is that there are not just one but three opportunities in one. You can operate some or all of them. Here’s a quick run-through of the main opportunities:

1. Publishing paper books. You can create and sell conventional paper books on Amazon and sell them alongside their thousands of existing titles. This is easier than you probably think as you do not need to write any books nor print any books yourself more about how this works later.

2. Publishing ebooks. Electronic books are one of the up-and-coming products of the decade. You can create and sell ebooks on Amazon using their Kindle system which is perhaps the most well- known ebook reading platform in the world.

3. Publishing audio books, music and video.

Audio books are a niche publishing product maybe, but they have a steady demand. It’s also possible to make and sell these on Amazon. When you publish with Amazon you can also publish and sell video and music and start your own film company or music label. Although this isn’t quite as easy as book publishing.

(You’ll also be able to sell ebooks and downloads on Apple’s iTunes, another massive digital marketplace.)

What you need to get started publishing with Amazon

Although publishing with Amazon is (you guessed it) a publishing opportunity it is also basically an online business opportunity. You’ll need a PC and an Internet connection of course. shespeaks (But as Amazon’s systems are fairly intuitive you won’t need any technical knowledge to speak of.)

You might be surprised to hear that you WON’T need to print or stock any books to get started publishing with Amazon (unless you particularly want to). I’ll explain how this is possible shortly.

This is also an opportunity you can run part or full-time from home. You won’t need any equipment, staff or storage space. You won’t need to travel around selling books. You won’t need much capital, especially for the digital products.

What could you publish with Amazon?

The first thing you need to get started Amazon publishing is to come up with a good idea for a book or books you want to publish with them.

If anything’s going to be tricky about this, it’s that there are too many possibilities. For starters, think about publishing something you’re knowledgeable about or interested in yourself. What sort of books would YOU like to buy on your subject of interest but currently can’t easily find?

Spend an hour or so in your local bookshop and get a few ideas. Also take some cues from what’s already selling well (ask the staff what they get asked for most) and come up with your own twist on it. Check out some best-seller lists to get a feel of this.


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