Hot Tools Hair Flat Irons – Review

Hot Tools flat irons feature their patented “Pulse Auto Heat Control”. This super smart technology senses heat loss and corrects the temperature to maintain a consistent level of heat throughout the flat irons plates. The irons heat quickly and stay perfectly hot in order to flatten curls and waves creating the fastest, most flawless results.

There are several professional lines in the Hot Tools brand, and each line has straightening irons in different sizes, ranging from ¾ inch to 2 inch wide plates. The iron plates are floating to ensure close constant contact with the hair for the smoothest, straightest results. Each line plates are composed of different materials, all offering their own special benefits to the hair and features to the user.

Titanium hair straighteners reduce snags and breakage in the hair. Titanium is also a super strong, lightweight metal so the plates resist corrosion and are built to last. The Nano Ceramic line of hair irons have nano-particles of ceramic on the plates. The tiny particles offer exceptional ceramic benefits to the hair as the particles can more easily fight frizz and smooth the hair’s cuticle, locking in critical moisture. Ceramic & Tourmaline flat irons offer ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium for multi-functional benefits to the hair. If you are looking for a fun, stylish iron to dress up your bathroom counter, try the Hot Tools Beauty Skins, which feature a colorful leopard, zebra, and polka-dot printed handle.

Select Hot Tools flat irons feature rounded plate edges so you can straighten the hair with the option of curling the ends or flipping them out. The irons are conveniently shaped, to be easy to hold, resist nagging and heat up to 430° F

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