Massage Marketing Made Easy!

Do You Stand Out From The Crowd? “What makes your massage business stand out from the crowd?”

“What is the one reason a potential client comes to you for a massage instead of someone else?”

The answer is your massage marketing! And yes… referrals are just word of mouth marketing!

The Reality

Unfortunately however, if you look in the Yellow Pages or any magazines where most Hepburn Spring & Daylesford MAssage massage therapists advertise, you’ll find a load of adverts that all drown each other out in a sea of uninspiring “sameness”…

Ad after ad all have that “pretty” look with someone getting a massage, or a “nice” vase of flowers, or some “faded out” mountains / towels / bottles of oil etc etc

Nothing stands out from the crowd and makes the reader go “Wow, I’ve got to book an appointment with that massage therapist!”

The Price

Another downside of this boring marketing is that because no one massage therapist stands out, the only way the public can make a choice between the various massage therapists, is on price.

This ultimately means that you end up with a price war, in which each therapist, desperate to get more clients, offers “new client discounts” to attract more people. The only way this can end, is with massage therapists going out of business because they can’t afford to pay their bills when they’re working for so little.

The Way Forward

The only way out of this downward spiral is to commit to making your marketing stand out from the crowd, so you don’t have to compete on price. Be so different from every other massage business in your area that the public is just drawn to you and you can charge whatever you want for your services.

In other words, step out of the herd and make yourself get noticed!

It’s what the profession needs if it is to survive…

Your New Massage Marketing Goals…

Be different, be unique, stand out and grab the attention of your market. Make them stop reading everything else, just to read your advert. Make it so compelling they can’t put it down until they’ve read it, absorbed it and called you for an appointment!

As a massage therapist you’re here to heal people and help them experience the benefits of massage. If your marketing doesn’t attract clients, you have no one to help and no one is experiencing the benefits of your massages. It’s as simple as that!

So once again, “what makes your business stand out from the crowd?” Find your answer to that and put it in your marketing material.

How To Market Your Massage Business…

If you want to find out more about massage marketing and how easily you can use it, request the free 7 Steps to Instant Clients program from

It makes marketing your business so simple and effective you’ll wonder how you’re going to handle all the extra clients!

Karen Dimmick CHt helps massage therapists get more clients.

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