Find Sales Representatives in the United States

The USA, first economy in the world

The United States is currently the largest economy in the world, by far. Despite the emergence of countries like China and India, despite the creation of the European Union, the United States remains the largest market in a number of sectors. In particular the US is the economy that consumes the most. The most oil and raw materials, but also the most finished goods and the most services.

The United States has been the world’s largest economy for decades. This stability permitted the growth of services. Services are a huge business in the United States.  product-evaluation  And one of these services are sales agents and representatives.

It is very easy to find a sales representative in the United States. The real question is “what type of sales representative is the most adapted to my products?”

Choose the right type of sales representatives

In the US there are many sales representatives in all kinds of industries. These sales representatives generally have a good local coverage of their customers. This coverage can span from one city to several states depending on the type of products they represent.

For consumer goods, it is mandatory to have a good coverage of the United States. Define geographical areas for the United States and find one sales representative per area. Be careful to avoid overlaps, this will save you from conflicts between representatives.

Depending on your domain of activity you can also use Value Added Resellers (VARs). These companies buy your products and add value to it before reselling it. They can for example buy a generic software platform and build their own applications. They resell these applications based on your software to their customers.

For consumer goods, think about using eBay is the largest marketplace in the United States. Any company can create an eBay store and sell their products in the United States that way. In order to have more chances of success, it is recommended to have a local representative that will be in charge of managing stocks of your products in the US and sending the products to the customers that buy them on ebay.

You can also find a company that already sells its own products in a domain of activity connected to yours. Selling third party products is a chance of growth for many companies. It also enables them to enlarge their product offering. Such a company already has a clientele that could potentially be interested in your products. It will therefore be easy for them to market your products to their existing customers.

How to find sales representatives in the United States?

We hope that will be your preferred way of finding sales representatives in the United States.

In the US there are sales representatives associations for each and every domain of activity. Contacting these associations is a good way of finding targeted sales representatives.

Lastly, finding companies that work in a domain connected to yours (without being competitors) and offering them to rep for your products is an effective solution.

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