Pricey Osiris Shoes That Break Banks

Pricey Osiris Shoes are both pretty and pretty painful to the wallet. Even with the high wallet walloping costs a good pair of skate shoes demands from buyers, it is hard to resist a pair of radical kicks.

Tony Chen, Tony Magnusson, Brian Reid, Doug Weston and Laura Kim noted that there was an available market for pro-skater designed and labeled kicks in the Action Sports scene, so they pioneered Osiris Shoes back in 1996.  町田 ダンススクール The most famous and still sought after signature shoes are the D3, designed by Dave Mayhew although it did not gain popularity until a later time. The company was able to liquidate their surplus stock and that is when the D3 began to make waves. They make skateboard shoes and apparel for people who love skateboarding and action sports.

Although starting out as a Skateboard Shoe centric company, Osiris Shoes later on expanded their pursuits to additional actions sports like FMX, BMX, and just recently MMA by providing sponsorship to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on his November 20, 2010 fight with Lyoto Machida for UFC 123.

Everyone can comprehend the exorbitant prices these pricey shoes can demand from a buyer. The simple act of famous sports athletes lending their name to a specific brand or specific product can really jack up their prices, not to mention designing their own shoes. Another factor that also increase the cost of these kicks are the materials used. The materials used can be any common materials but the to maintain high quality shoes that have high class looks and style, high quality materials are demanded to maintain durability and long lasting kicks. Osiris Shoes knows that cutting back on the quality of the materials used to create their signature shoes can cost them more if their merchandise is not favored by customers.

You do not have to justify your purchases when getting a pair of high quality kicks at an exorbitant fee. The simple act of owning a pair is a reward all on its own. Just by taking care of the shoes can make the pair last a very long time. The styles will last with them as long as these kinds of kicks are in high demand by not just Action Sport enthusiasts, but by everyday people also.

Osiris shoes started as a Skate Shoes centric company, but later expanded to other action sports such as FMX, BMX, and just recently MMA. To check out some products with Osiris check out

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