Broken by Karin Slaughter – A Review

When Dr. Sara Linton comes home to Heartsdale, Georgia for Thanksgiving, it is the first time she’s been back since her husband died. She no longer fits in the town, where she was raised and owned a clinic. A murder of a young woman is blamed on a former patient of Dr. Linton, and she is asked to try to calm him down at the police station. She gets involved when she sees improprieties having to do with the treatment of this former patient. She calls on Will Trent’s boss and Trent is dispatched from Atlanta to investigate.

We see the depth of Sara’s  Steigercentrum rolsteiger voorloopleuning  and her family’s feelings against detective Lena Adams as the investigation into the young woman’s death unfolds. Will Trent is caught in the middle of this emotional battle, as he tries to keep his own secrets at bay. Once again Slaughter manipulates her well-developed characters into a tight and emotionally charged plot.

Here is another fiction author that every wannabe writer should read. Not only is her writing style entertaining, but we can learn from her in the way she constructs her plots, characters and settings into a piece of work that will withstand the test of time. The characters are believable even as they do things that surprise you. Slaughter knows what she is doing, and I think she is getting better with every book. In Broken she treats the unrelenting rain and mist of fall as an important character and mood setter.

I’m finally getting to like Sara Linton, even though Lena often steals her thunder. I also find the role of Trent a very curious and interesting one. His background is as rough as Lena’s and his relationships almost as dangerous. He has a policing style all his own and has to deal with strong women coming from all sides of his professional and personal life. His character is perhaps the most interesting of all.

I highly recommend anything that forty-year old Slaughter has written. Like Steig Larrson, she is a best-selling author not only in the United States, but abroad. Start at the beginning of this hard-boiled, small town series with Blindsighted (2001), if you want more background on Sara Linton and Lena Adams. But if you find the city more to your liking, begin with Special Agent Will Trent’s introduction in the Atlanta-based book Triptych (2006). These books are not for those with a delicate stomach.

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