Doomsday Preppers – Wacko or Wise?

There are a growing number of people today who are looking with open eyes and seeing major changes in our world today. Some are noticing the sudden increase in hurricanes, earthquakes and drought conditions. Others are studying the sky and see a jump in the number of solar flares on the sun. While others notice a huge shift in our political world and are thinking it’s not for the good.

One thing is for sure, the price of gas as jumped considerably within the last couple of years. The cost of food has exploded and there’s a great divide in the land of the USA. Groups are lining up on the sidewalks of Wall Street and protesting. There’s a looming war in the Middle East that is rumored to come to America.

For some this brings great fear and dread and they simply become frozen not really sure what direction to go. Then you have the group who say everything is fine eat drink and be marry. They tout that we are experiencing great financial prosperity, there’s more jobs and all is well. Many of this group has control of the media outlets and daily pump images of flowers and butterflies into the minds of the masses.

The sector that I am most interested in is the smaller numbers who have turned off their TV, unplugged the main stream media and shut off the political noise. They are a people who love their families and want to do the best for them. They are sometimes a member of a local church survival prepper organization or like minded club, where they share similar beliefs and views on the state of our world and our beloved country. Some are strong believers in the constitution, the first amendment and the right to own self protection.

There are many levels of this growing group of individuals. At the beginning are those who have the awakening moments. They may have been part of one of the local disaster that have hit the Unites States of America within the last couple of years and realize that outside help is not something one can completely depend on. So they have started along the path of putting a few things back in the pantry, getting some extra flash lights and batteries. They have started to put together a meeting place for their family in times of emergency. They may have even added a few extra words to their vocabulary such as bug out bag, survival sardine cans and reserve water supply.

Whatever group you find yourself in a continual growing toward being self sufficient seems to be a very wise move in the climate we find ourselves in today. I wish you the best in your efforts to protect yourself and your family.


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