Folk Music – A Dying Sound? Instruments to Revive the Movement

Folk music is surely one of the oldest, melodic and most wonderful types of music. It helps us express our culture, our inner feelings and our identity. Aside from these, folk music also allows us to celebrate and enjoy our lives.

Folk music is renowned for being vibrant and enthusiastic but in some areas it’s popularity appears to be waning with the older instruments no longer being taken up by youngsters, in favour of electric and synthesized ones.

In order to recapture and intensify enthusiasm in the genre, it’s important that some of the more obscure and often home-made folk instruments are not allowed to further fade into obscurity so pick one of these and have a go at making one at home, you’ll be amazed at the rhythms you can produce from everyday items banjos food.

Washtub Bass

The Washtub Bass or the Barrel Bass is a musical instrument that has one string that is plucked by a metal washtub to serve as a resonator. The string is tied at one end to the washtub and at the other end to the stick or staff which is made of wood. Like playing a Bass Guitar, the player will fret the string while plucking it.

Musical Washboard

The Musical Washboard is a percussion instrument which is played by scratching or tapping the metal washing surface following a certain rhythm. Most of the time, several bands add other instruments such as cymbals, lunch bells, cow bells and wood blocks to the wooden part of the washboard.


The Accordion, which is sometimes referred to as a squeezebox, is a box-shaped musical instrument which belongs to the aerophone family. Accordion is played by compressing or expanding the bellows while pressing the valves or pallets. The compression allows the air to flow across the brass or steel which is called reeds. After that, vibration will occur which will produce sound inside the body of the instrument.


The Banjo is an instrument with four or five strings. It is played by strumming the strings to cause the membrane of the plastic material to vibrate and produce sound.

Jews Harp

The Jews Harp, also called as the Jaw or Mouth Harp, is under the category of plucked idiophones. This instrument consists of a flexible metal or bamboo tongue that is attached to a frame. The bamboo tongue is placed in the player’s mouth while the player plucks with the finger to produce a note.


The Tambourine is a small single-headed frame drum that consists of a shallow wooden ring surrounded by jingles. This instrument can be played in a huge variety of ways such as striking the head with the palm knuckles or closed fist, by shaking or by using drumsticks.


The Tambura is a long necked plucked flute and a stringed instrument as well. This instrument sort of resembles the Sitar, the only difference is that it has no frets, only open strings. It has four or five strings which are plucked in a regular rhythm to create a melodic note.

So get out their and make some noise.

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