Friends, Acquaintances and Associates Are Markers of Your Success Aptitude

People who are successful in life spend their time with others who are at least as successful as they are. They do not squander their time with people who do not have the dreams, aspirations and motivation to accomplish their goals, no matter what those goals are. Napoleon Hill,BP22 law in “The Law of Success,” alludes to the importance of being with people with similar or greater aspirations than yours.

One reason people find it difficult to break free from the limits of their past is the unwillingness to associate with people of success. If your entire family never went to college, and you decide you want a college education, members of your family may think you’re putting on airs and think you’re better than they are because of your aspirations. If your friends barely makes it economically month to month, and you decide you are going to be wealthy, you may receive negative comments from your friends about your dreams.

When surrounded by people who have no burning desire of accomplishment, it is difficult to activate your own burning desire to achieve your goals. You have to use greater energy to break free from the limitations of those who disparage your goals, than you would if you associated with those who had the same motivation for achievement.

If you truly wish to achieve your dreams, you need to associate with those who have either done so or are actively in the process of doing so. If you remain with a group of people who have no motivation to change the circumstances of their lives, you will be stuck with them. You will need to find a like-minded group with similar beliefs and motivations if you want to achieve your goals. Their energy, their desire, can provide the additional impetus you need to blast free from what you are used to.

Try this little exercise. First, answer this question. Do you have definite goals? By definite goals, I mean do you know what you want to accomplish, by what means you will accomplish them and the time frame of accomplishment? No matter what your answer is, ask yourself the same question about those you associate with the most. Is their answer the same as yours? If they don’t have goals, and you don’t have goals, the chances of you finding a definite purpose in life and acting upon that purpose are around, oh, let’s pick a low number, say,.5%.

If you want to accomplish something in life, you must associate with those who have similar desires of accomplishment and who are taking the actions necessary to make their dreams a reality. Does this mean you must change friends if they don’t have the same desires as you do? Not necessarily, but it does mean you will have little in common with them and will not be sharing your life with them in the same way as you once did. This in itself will move you to a different group of people with whom you spend your precious time.

You have to make a choice. What is more important? Your manifestation of your goals and dreams, or remaining in a group who has little or no motivation to change their lives? It’s a tough decision to make for many folks.

Whatever your dreams are, find a group of people who have accomplished similar dreams. If you want to be an attorney, associate with attorneys. If you want to be a national speaker, associate with others who are national speakers. If you want to be one of the top affiliate marketers in the country, go to conferences and workshops where these people are gathered. Put yourself in the midst of the energy of their accomplishments. This way you know that your dreams are well within the realm of possibility.

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