How to Move Your Aquarium and 8 Other Strange Possessions

Transferring day is arising fast, and—shockingly—you’re all packed. Besides for all those bizarre stuff you couldn’t cram cautiously vicinity in the general medium-length box. You realize, like your large aquarium, the life-size cardboard cutout of Han Solo, and that actual replica of the Christmas tale leg lamp you simply had to have 3 Christmases in the past.

What are you gonna do with all that?

This. This is what you’re going to do. That’s right, oldsters, we found solutions for all your unusual moving predicaments.

A two hundred-gallon aquarium may make your home appearance cooler than any restaurant entryway ever, however it received’t do a great deal wowing at your new area if it’s smashed into 50 bazillion pieces within the transferring truck.

To % it up right, you want the right gadget, says Laura McHolm, co-founder of los angeles-primarily based NorthStar transferring Co.

There are replicate packing containers specifically designed for glass—you can select them up at hardware shops or without delay from shifting agencies.

“There are special containers for maximum household objects,” McHolm says. “however make certain to always p.C. Them in something.”

Antique crystal chandeliers
Want to preserve your high-quality grandmother’s length-of-a-Buick antique chandelier? Packing the beast up received’t be clean, however it may be achieved.

“Taking numerous cartons, slicing them in half of and taping the pieces collectively to shape a custom-formed field is a beneficial method,” says Kevin Kato, professional shifting professional and content development editor at HireAHelper.Com.

Just make certain you wrap individual glass pieces very carefully in foam packing paper or thin bubble wrap before setting the complete contraption on your custom container.


Lifestyles-length cardboard cutouts
Don’t have a Millennium Falcon for secure transporting of that cardboard Han Solo? Don’t let the Imperials win! Try this as an alternative:

“If he can’t use the pressure to shield himself, [Han] may be slipped right into a mattress carton or virtually stuck between your mattress and field spring while you load them vertically onto the truck,” Kato says.

Massive indoor trees
Giant indoor trees that brush the ceiling are excellent—until moving day. With the ones fragile limbs and effortlessly wilted leaves, you’re going to need to take unique care.

“preserve a hard and fast of situations that imitates as carefully as viable the surroundings within the residence,” Kato says.

In any other case, you’ll motive the tree to enter surprise. And if it’s extremely sensitive, move a step similarly—some human beings can even wrap the leaf-bearing branches in dampened newsprint.

Anatomical human skeletons
We’re not going to invite why you have a life-length skeleton in your private home. But we do advise warning while moving your scientific mini-me—in any other case, while you get to your new place, you may discover the thigh bone is not related to the hip bone.

“a few big items, if they’re no longer completely geometrically insane, can be padded and sheathed in cardboard,” Kato says.

Just make sure to cautiously wrap the extra delicate bones or they may ruin under the pressure, and make certain the cardboard covers from head to toe (pun totally meant!).

Pinball machines and classic arcade video games
We don’t need something to happen for your reconditioned Flash Gordon, either, so you’re going to need padding—loads of padding.

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