Black Cherry Juice Benefits

The issues facing black women in today’s society are both positive and negative. While black women are succeeding educationally as well as in the business world, there is a clear lack of emphasis on their overall heath. This is a major concern because of the increasing health issues that specifically plague black women. Studies have shown that diabetes is thirty-three percent more common among black women than white, and that the highest rates of diabetes currently exist among African American females. An article titled “Issues Affecting Black Women” quoted Dr. Nancy Synderman, an expert in this area, stating that, “black women have more of an increased risk of mortality than any other ethnic group for almost every major cause of death.” This statistic was followed by Dr. Synderman’s admission that, “black women with breast cancer are thirty percent more likely to die from the disease than white women.” However, Dr. Synderman believes the reason for such poor statistics is clearly linked to the lack of healthcare and life-saving treatments available to African American women. According to Women’s Health, a government website, common health issues such as breast cancer, cervical cancer and diabetes are not treated early enough to be of benefit. This federal government source for women’s health information blames the lack of healthcare for African American women on generations of racism and poverty, lack of trust in the medical system, and women’s lack of knowledge. The good news is that many of the chronic illnesses and diseases black females face do not have to be life threatening. Many of these medical issues are treatable and preventable with the proper knowledge and care.

It is imperative, considering the seriousness of the above health issues, that black females stay informed and become proactive towards their overall health. While generations of poverty and racism have left a legacy of serious health conditions, these health conditions can be improved. Nutritional supplements, a heart-healthy diet, fitness and exercise regimen, regular check-ups with a medical doctor, and utilizing weight loss help will all assist in contributing positively to a black woman’s overall health. Learning how to loose weight, as a black woman, is especially important because of the many diseases that are related to weight gain, such as heart health and diabetes. By maintaining a healthy weight, one will significantly reduce their chances of acquiring these diseases. Often those with diabetes or heart conditions find that these specific health issues are reduced or disappear once they learn how to loose weight, eat a heart-healthy diet, and begin exercising regularly. As well, it is vital that African American females have regular check-ups with a medical doctor. While many black women have a lack of trust in the medical system, mammograms and checks for cervical cancer may save their life in the long run. While the odds to become a healthy black woman may seem difficult, with the right attitude and support black women can change this situation.

If you are still wondering what the fuzz is behind the soaring popularity of cherries as a health food, then perhaps it’s time you get acquainted with the many black cherry juice benefits. Believe it or not, the health value of cherries trumps many of the fruits we used to consider as the best on the market. And because black cherry juice preserves many of the same health benefits packed in tart cherries, the appeal of this healthy beverage has grown beyond the traditional areas where cherry juice was once consumed.

First, it helps to recognize that the vitamins and mineral content of cherries are roughly comparable to the many fruits we know including apples and bananas. In this regard, cherries can be considered pedestrian. However, when we start talking about its antioxidant content, then the value and benefit of black cherries are fully revealed.

Consider the following notable health benefits of antioxidants:

· Antioxidants are great for managing arthritis, but are particularly effective for gout treatment. Gout is a type of arthritis which is caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. For some reason, gout patients are not able to metabolize the uric acid properly and so it eventually travels to the cryptowatchdaily joints where it crystallizes, is deposited, and leads to inflammation. The antioxidants in cherries consisting of flavonoids and anthocyanins react with the uric acid before it gets into the joints. This drastically lowers the reported number of gout episodes making black cherry juice benefits a valuable asset in the fight against gout.

· Antioxidants, in general, perform a number of functions which can benefit various body organs and symptoms, thereby promoting overall health. We’ve already talked about how flavonoids and anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory properties which make them effective in addressing gout. The same class of antioxidants also has anti-carcinogenic properties making it an essential nutrient for fighting various forms of cancers. Studies have shown that people who have a high amount of cherries or cherry products in their diet have a lower risk towards common cancers.

· The general health-giving benefits of black cherry juice pave the way for a variety of important measurable health indicators. For example, black cherry juice benefits include lowering blood pressure, improving heart health and its resistance to heart ailments, keeping migraines at bay, and even promoting eye health. These are just a few of the more notable benefits that have boosted the value of black cherry juice as an important health supplement.

It is only in recent years that advances in medical science and nutrition have helped shed light on black cherry benefits, particularly because of its antioxidant content. Who knows what we can discover in the near future with even more sophisticated methods of analysis and an improved understanding of human health. Regardless, there is little doubt that black cherry juice benefits will continue to feature heavily in people’s minds as the human race makes the push to live a healthier life.

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The Black Cohosh Menopause Relief Connection

For years women have believed in a black cohosh menopause relief link. The belief is that black cohosh offers some form of relief to the symptoms associated with menopause, peri-menopause and other female health issue.

Black cohosh is believed to help with PMS issues, menstrual cramps and many other menopause symptoms.

We have to go back quite a way in history to see when the using black cohosh became popular. As far back as 1900, black cohosh was used in tonics and home remedies to treat various women’s health issues with good results.

The usefulness of the Black Cohosh goes much further than just helping with menopause and PMS, although if it only helped with these conditions then it would still be very useful, as most women will attest. No, black cohosh has also been used to treat other conditions, from eczema to insect bites.

Interestingly, the use of black cohosh lost favour, but its popularity seems to be rising again with the increased interest in taking personal responsibility for ones health.

So, once again it is being used as a herbal treatment for hot flashes commonly associated with menopause, and other menopause symptoms.

Its popularity seemed to rise when hormone replacement therapy was found to have significant side effects and health risks for many women, so, many doctors essentialgamergadgets  suggested alternatives for their patients to treat their menopausal symptoms, and this is when this “old” remedy started to take off again.

As well as relieving female health issues, black cohosh is also considered a mild sedative, an excellent anti-inflammatory alternative and is useful for relieving muscle aches. Also, black cohosh has been used to clear sinuses, mucus build up and reduce cough and cold symptoms.

Those seeking to reduce cramps during menstruation have also turned to black cohosh, and it is thought to increase the blood flow to the uterus, which in turn reduces the intensity of cramping. It is even believed to benefit anyone suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome.

You can take black cohosh in a number of forms, which include capsules dried herbs, tinctures and tablets, with the dried herb often being used to prepare a soothing tea.

There are few questions about the general safety of taking black cohosh. It should not be taken by anyone with liver disease or if you are suffering from blood pressure problems. It’s important for you to notify your doctor that you are taking it, so they can monitor you for signs of liver damage.

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When making a purchase of black cohosh, you will want to look for a product that has been standardized to contain 2.5% triterpenes glycosides. This is the active ingredient in the black cohosh root. This is important, as it has shown to be the most effective in relieving symptoms.

For liquid black cohosh products seek those with around 5% of triterpene glycosides.

Capsules that contain black cohosh can for many people be the most convenient source, as these will include many ingredients that although not yet named as beneficial, are likely to be part of the active ingredients. For menopause symptoms, one of the better black cohosh preparations is to take 40 mg daily.

So, what does all this tell us. Simply that many women were right to believe in the black cohosh menopause relief connection, and with the increased usage of black cohosh, the health benefits of this amazing plant will become better understood.

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A Look Into Darjeeling Black Tea

Grown on the slopes of the Himalayas, Darjeeling black tea is one of the most sought after beverages in the world. Known for its twisted downy shoots, rich flavour and multiple health benefits, the tea leaves range from dark

chestnut-brown to green chestnut.

Grown high up in the Himalayas

The gardens producing this unique tea are located at an altitude of 400 to 2000 meters. Rich loamy soil and plenty of rainfall are just the ideal conditions for the growth of this tea. It is not fully oxidized, unlike other black teas and resembles more of an oolong tea.

Flushes of Darjeeling Black Tea

This tea is harvested around five times in a year. Each dancetokyotama harvest is known as a flush with different characteristics affecting the tea’s flavour and colour.

· First flush: The first flush takes place between February and April and mainly consists of young shoots that remain green to brown in colour. The first flush is far less oxidized than the other flushes.

· In-between flush: It is a pretty rare harvest that takes place in the beginning of May and blends the greenness of the first flush and the roundness of the second.

· Second flush: The second flush takes place between mid-May to June, just before the arrival of the rainy season. The tea leaves produced in this flush are dark brown with a strong flavour.

· Third flush: This flush is carried out between July and September and is done under heavy rains. The leaves grow faster and are less withered as compared to the other flushes.

· Fourth flush: It takes place just after the rainy season, from October to mid-November. This is the last harvest before tea plants go into hibernation.

Health Benefits

Rich in antioxidants, Darjeeling black tea offers numerous health benefits. Some of them are:

· Reduce heartburn and indigestion: High caffeine content in the tea boosts metabolism and help to reduce heartburn and indigestion. It also keeps one hydrated and improves bowel movements.

· Aid in weight loss: It helps one to reduce weight by breaking down foods faster and getting rid of the unwanted fats.

· Strengthens heart: The antioxidants strengthen the heart by lowering LDL cholesterol levels that may lead to the formation of plaque in blood vessels.

· Lowers risk of cancer: The tea boosts the immune system and builds the body’s defence against diseases such as cancer.


The health benefits of black pepper (Piper nigrum) are substantial and still being investigated. The peppercorn is native to tropical rain forests in Indonesia, and comes from the peppercorn plant. The peppercorn is actually a berry but is often categorized as a spice due to the way it is used in cooking. This plant, a perennial climbing vine, will require the use of a pole to reach its full growth potential. It will not produce fruit for as long as four years after planting. Often peppercorns are harvested when they are nearly matured and ready to turn red in color. White peppercorns, the result of berries that have fully ripened, which are then soaked to remove the dark, outer shell, revealing a white pepper seed on the inside. Not only has pepper become a popular spice that sits next to salt on the table, but there are many black pepper health benefits that can be utilized.

Health Benefits
Black peppers digestive benefits are caused by stimulating taste buds which increases the amount of hydrochloric acid that the stomach produces. This additional secretion improves digestion of food once it reaches the stomach. This is one of the most notable attributes of black pepper. This increase in acid is effective in decreasing the amount of intestinal gas, reducing the embarrassing side effect of passing gas along with preventing constipation and heartburn. Because of its ability to eliminate the bacteria in the stomach, black pepper is also thought of as an antibacterial agent.

Black pepper, rich in antioxidants, effectively controls blood pressure and heart rate with its high level of potassium. Pepper is also high in iron which is essential in the production of healthy blood cells. Peppercorns contain vitamin A and vitamin C and are also rich in other antioxidants such as carotenes which work to help the body fight cancers and other diseases.

The health benefits are thought to extend to it being a cancer fighting agent. Piperine, found in peppercorns, effectively counteracts the development of cancer. This particular chemical works by interfering with the mechanism in cancer cells that allows tumors to progress in size. When combined, the anti-cancer health benefits of turmeric and black pepper are multiplied greatly.

Medical Uses
Piperine, a phytochemical, increases metabolism which effectively increases the calories that the body can burn helping with weight loss. This phytochemical also increases the body’s ability to absorb other nutrients such as vitamin B and beta-carotene.

Black pepper benefits extend to its effective prevention of the retention of water. Pepper in the diet promotes the eradication of extra fluids by sweating and urination.

Quitting an unhealthy cigarette habit is possible with the help of black pepper. Studies have shown that the use of cigarette replacement products that emit a vapor containing black pepper effectively reduces cravings and assist the user in being able to quit smoking.

Creating a tea made of black pepper, when used in combination with other foods can create a home remedy for coughs. Popular remedies that are said to work include both the black pepper tea or sprinkling black pepper on a half of a lemon and sucking on it to calm a cough.

Black Pepper Essential Oil
For external use, black pepper oil serves many benefits to your health. When added to carrier oil such as jojoba, it can be rubbed into sore, tired muscles to relax and soothe them. The warming effect from the pepper can work to relieve the pain from arthritis. It also soothes cramps, sprains and pulled muscles. For acne prone skin it works well to reduce and eliminate breakouts. Black pepper essential oil contains both vitamin A and K making it ideal for skin that it is subject to developing fine lines or wrinkles. It also improves circulation and helps to effectively reduce visible cellulite.

Risks of Black Pepper
Although the increased secretion of hydrochloric acid provides digestion benefits for most people, in some in can cause the opposite effect, resulting in the loss of potassium. For some, this increased production may also result in gastric bleeding.

Some studies have indicated that piperine may be a carcinogen although other studies have indicated that it is not. In some instances, this chemical has had an adverse effect on sperm and may interfere with the process of reproduction. Large amounts of black pepper when used during pregnancy have been shown to cause miscarriages in some cases.

Medications including lithium may interact badly with black or white pepper and use should be avoided by patients on these medications. Patients that are taking certain medications that are broken down by the liver can see an increase in the side effects of these drugs when combined with large amounts of pepper.



Health Disparities – Understanding the Issues Within the African-American Community


The purpose of this series of papers is to present a context of understanding of the prevailing health issues facing the African-American community. Hence forth and for brevity, the term “Blacks” and/or minority will be used interchangeably with Africa-Americans. Additionally the term “White” is or will be substituted for Caucasians or the majority.

The papers will have charts and diagrams which should be self explanatory and will assist the reader in viewing and better understanding the health disparity topic.

Going forward, one must maintain the following tenant to resolve the health disparity or any other equality gap, “The ability to address and solve an issue initiates with the desire and willingness to gain knowledge and understanding; to take the necessary action and the courage to stand firm and to take the required action to solve the issue at hand.”

The Beginning

There is an ongoing great debate regarding the access and availability of and to healthcare. The uniqueness of the debate regarding this topic is premised upon a simple but complex question, “Is healthcare a right or a privilege? Depending upon your economic philosophy, political orientation and social standing, the answer to the prevailing question will vary. Another dependent variable is the cultural identity factors along with your overall social orientation and personal value belief system.

The preamble to the United States Constitution has the words “…that all men and (women) are created equal.” Equality and parity are noble absolute panacea thoughts. With direct reference to healthcare access and/or delivery can simply is premised upon the ability to pay for black health  the services one is seeking. For background and familiarity purposes here are some of the more common economic, revenue and related operational terms associated with healthcare. Terms ranging from but not limited to co-payment, deductible, reimbursement, indigent, self-pay, denial, pre-existing, etc.

Historically the majority of American citizens obtain healthcare services through their employer sponsored insurance package program offerings. These offerings vary from the so called ancient indemnity programs, health maintenance organizations (HMO’s) and now the latest and greatest package offering health savings accounts (HSA’s). We must not forget the federal governmental programs such as Title 19 and Title 20, Medicare and Medicaid respectively. In brief Medicare is the health insurance program for “senior citizens.” The Medicare offering has Parts A, B, and D. These benefit plans provide out-patient, in-patient and a prescription drug benefit. Medicaid on the other hand is a state run program with a significant financial subsidy coming from the federal government. Medicaid is often identified or recognized as the health benefit for the indigent and for children.

Knowledge Attainment

For our and future purposes and defined by the World Health Organization, Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. In a careful and quick review of the definition; everyone would desire a complete physical, mental and social well being. Since we reside in a highly structured or more so layered society, the different class, economic and social levels this “complete” social well being will be extremely difficult to attain.

Note chart (1) which presents the different spending levels within the US Healthcare system. The most significant portion of dollars spent for direct patient care are within the hospital arena totalling 30%. The next largest percentage is Other Spending at 25%. This basically represents diagnostic services such as a CT, MRI scans, etc. Only 21% is actually disbursed on Physician and clinical services.

With a focus upon the demographics, there is no direct data which presents these expenditures of Whites versus Blacks. One could assume based upon charts (2-3) that Whites do spend more on healthcare than Blacks solely predicated upon the life expectancy disparities between males and females from 2004.

Couple this data with the facts that the overall Black unemployment or underemployment rates are usually two and sometimes three times that of Whites. For a reflection, remember that the majority of American citizens gain access to healthcare through their employer sponsored health benefit offerings. Therefore if Blacks are more than or more greater than likely not to be employed, the Black health status, indices and life expectancy will be much lesser than their White counterparts.

Further and it is very common that Black often enter the healthcare system at a much latter time after the identification of diseases. In other words, Black often forego or do not have the economic means to access primary care physicians to establish what is called a medical home.

Primary care providers conduct routine or basic screenings such as blood pressure screenings, prostate exams, well woman exams, they order mammograms to rule out breast cancer. Through these limited examples, early detection of diseases often are not identified and treatment therefore cannot be initiated. Note chart (4) which depicts the matrix for the Continuum of Care.

For example a regimen of required medicines to correct hypertension or as it often labeled high blood pressure can begin. The identification of other cardio vascular issues can be detected, along with the detection of “sugar.” True, many Blacks do have the financial ability to access the system, but either through social orientation or lack of knowledge or a total ignorance the decision to utilize the healthcare system is ignored.

Series 2: Blacks and Medical Education




Vertical Jump Program – Increase Your Vertical Leap

How to increase vertical leap is incredibly important for athletes. The first thing you need to do to increase vertical leap is to find the best vertical jump – vertical leap program that meets your needs as an athlete. Jumping higher and increasing your vertical leap is one of the hardest things to train for, hence the confusion & misconceptions all over the place. Remember, vertical leap is part leg strength and part explosiveness. But no matter what your vertical leap is now, you can always make it better. Vertical leap is purely a power movement, executed in a split second. The golden key to increase vertical leap is dedication, together with a good vertical jump program.

The vertical leap program is an kk-leap important workout tool that many scouts and coaches look for when building a team. If you have already dedicated yourself to an increase your vertical leap program, the results will be obvious to those scouts. Your vertical leap is measured flatfooted and with a direct leap – and no rocker step. Michael Jordan’s vertical leap is reported to be 48 inches. The owner of best vertical leap is Harlem Globetrotter Michael “Wild Thing” Wilson, who can rise 55 inches off the ground, and holds the world record for dunking on a 12′ basketball net.

Any exercise that improves your vertical leap is good to help you jump higher when you are spiking or, dunking. Since the dominant amount of force production in a vertical leap is accomplished in the hips, you will see that optimal range of motion is very necessary. Your vertical leap is a measure of the power in your hips, thighs and lower legs.

In track and field, for all the events, particularly high-jump, a significant vertical leap is advantageous. Understand that increasing your vertical leap is an incremental process. Vertical leap is entirely about strength and timing. Since a large vertical leap is also critical to volleyball, players are constantly looking for ways to add inches to their vertical jump and increase vertical leap.

Contrary to what many people believe, your vertical leap is not limited by your skin color or genetics. For basketball and volleyball players, having a strong vertical leap is essential for increasing your level of play. Increasing your vertical leap is not that hard as long as you have a solid program to follow. Your vertical leap is very important when jumping over a guy to hit a jump shot or when trying to grab a rebound.

So how do you jump higher and increase vertical leap? Well, there are so many vertical jump exercises out there that are supposed to help you jump higher and increase vertical leap that it will make your head spin. However, listed below are the vertical jump programs to increase your vertical leap that actually work. Some are more expensive than others, but it depends really on the results you desire. Do you want a mild increase in your vertical leap, or do you want to double your vertical leap?

The Vertical Project is currently the #1 vertical leap program. This vertical leap program is a comprehensive guide to increasing your vertical jump. The program trains 4 key areas to jump higher. It explains and incorporates the training that you need to jump higher and increase your vertical leap.

There are other vertical leap sites out there as well, this vertical leap program site lists the top 5 increase your vertical leap programs out there. This gives you a choice for both price, and quality. Whatever your choice, each of the vertical leap programs listed will increase your vertical leap. However some vertical jump programs will increase it more than others.

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The Psychology of Happiness

A lot has been written about happiness and from psychology to philosophy, different theories of happiness have focused on issues of satisfaction, contentment, and even spiritual liberation. But happiness is one of the most subjective mental states and several factors could be at play when a person is truly happy. Whereas anger or fear could be defined with physical reactions and certain behavioural patterns, this is not so for happiness and that is how happiness is extremely subjective. For example one bar of chocolate could make one child happy whereas another child would want two chocolate bars to feel truly happy.

So why do we feel happy? Happiness is usually associated with some kind of gain or attainment. When we achieve or attain something, we feel satisfied and this triggers happiness. The attainment does not have to be happy-suger material, it could very well be spiritual. It could even be bodily and physical, just as an insomniac person would feel happy after a good night’s sleep. So, in defining happiness we have to locate a specific material, spiritual or physical gain or attainment and the contentment arising as a result of this attainment. The question would arise whether it is possible to be happy without any attainment. I would say that it is not possible to happy without attaining something and this attainment does not have to be immediate and could be related any past achievement. Now, you could say that you do know someone who is always happy without any specific reason. It’s that you haven’t found out the reason for his happiness. He may be a simple man with simple needs and happy after a warm bath or a nice meal, so that’s still some attainment. So, happiness always involves some attainment or need fulfilment, however small or big that is.

Psychologists have used several models including bio psychosocial and PERMA models to explain happiness suggesting that happiness is attained when our biological, psychological and sociological needs are met or when there is pleasure (bodily for instance), engagement (in some activity for instance), relationships, meaning (for instance purpose of life) and accomplishments. These models suggest that happiness involves something deeper than just our fleeting pleasures. I would differ and suggest that happiness being extremely subjective, some people may just be happy attaining pleasures whereas some others would seek meaning or possibly accomplishments and relationships. So the level or type of attainment that makes one happy would vary from one person to another.

Thus some people would be happy when their basic needs are fulfilled whereas some others would not be happy even after significant professional accomplishments as they may be expecting some other level or kind of achievement. Thus happiness largely depends on our subjective understanding of what it means to be happy. Since happiness is so subjective it cannot be strictly placed within models or frameworks although the underlying common factor that makes people happy is always some kind of attainment, gain or need fulfilment.

The next level of analysis would be whether happiness could be categorized to generalized happiness or a continued happy state of mind and specific happiness for attaining one of the specific pleasures or goals. I would suggest that there cannot be a generalized state of happiness without a specific reason. A seemingly happy person may not be genuinely happy or may be genuinely happy as he may have attained an exalted spiritual state or accumulated substantial wealth. So again as we see a continued state of happiness could also be explained with attainment.

The need fulfilment or attainment that triggers happiness could be biological such as bodily pleasures as when we quench our thirst, satisfy physical desires etc. The attainment could be social when we form relationships and feel happy or simply talk to strangers at a large event or remain engaged in social activity, or the attainment could be spiritual when we seek and even find some kind of spiritual liberation. The attainment or need fulfilment could be psychological when our love needs are fulfilled or when we reach our goals or fulfil our ambitions. The biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of attainment could provide happiness according to their needs. Thus happiness is intricately tied to our specific needs although these needs could be interrelated as for example the need for status or power could be both social and psychological.

Thus we distinguish the factors that could lead to happiness

1. Biological (bodily pleasures, basic needs)

2. Social (status, relationships, social activity and engagement)

3. Psychological (emotional, love, friendship, personal accomplishments)

4. Spiritual (finding meaning and purpose, transpersonal needs)

There could be several reactions to happiness and this could range from smiling to engaging in rigorous physical activity as happiness could mean a sudden surge in energy levels. People who engage in physical activity are more likely to be happy due to improved blood circulation and general good health. However happiness being an extremely subjective emotional state, in order to feel genuinely happy, some achievement in terms of long term goals such as love or conjugal life, wealth, spiritual liberation, or professional achievement could help a person to attain a continued happy state of mind. This is the prolonged state of happiness that has causes similar to any transient state of happiness although the effects could be long lasting. The people who have a prolonged state of happiness are generally lively, sporty, fun loving and optimistic. A child may show a prolonged state of happiness when adequate care and love are provided by their parents or carers. However transient states of happiness are more common as prolonged states of happiness could be interrupted by adverse life events so momentary joys and pleasures provide us with reassurance to accept and embrace life.

From a more psychoanalytic point of view, happiness would be related to desire, libido, our energy levels and even the defense mechanisms that we unconsciously use to vent out our frustration and thus remain happy or calm. Happiness would naturally raise our libidinal levels and make us more energetic and high levels of energy could in turn make us happy, so this process is cyclical. Several scientific studies have shown that happiness is directly related to our levels of energy.

Considering defense mechanisms, psychoanalysis could in a way suggest that happiness is actually acting out or reaction formation when we show certain reactions that may be completely opposite to what we feel. For example in reaction formation we may show happiness, when in reality we are sad or depressed. Although genuine happiness could be explained with psychoanalysis as well, as for example, an artist is genuinely happy when he can sublimate his desires to socially acceptable forms of expression through his creativity. A sportsman is genuinely happy when he can channel his aggressive or sexual desires through sport or rigorous activity. So these defense mechanisms in psychoanalysis could actually produce genuine happiness in people because of the inherent survival and coping strategies involved in these defenses.

Finally, happiness being a state of mind would be entirely subjective and would evoke extreme subjective reactions. For instance, someone laughs on hearing a joke and feel happy about it and someone else would be sarcastic or may not feel the same level of excitement. Whereas anger and other emotions could be explained in terms of physical responses, happiness usually does not have defined physical responses although there is a general positive feeling of well being and the physical responses could vary considerably. As I have stated on the psychology of emotions, it would be necessary to determine the components of feeling and bodily reaction for every emotion including happiness and psychology has an extensive research project to consider for the future.



Complete Kits for Brewing Ale at Home – An Overview

Although the idea of brewing ale in the comfort of one’s own home no doubt holds a high degree of appeal for many ale lovers, the technicalities of actually getting started can seem daunting for many beginners. The ins and outs of how each piece of required equipment works can be a lot to swallow, as can be the science responsible for creating a perfect pint of fine, smooth ale.

That’s where today’s brewing starter kits come in. Such starter kits for brewing ale at home come complete with everything the beginning ale maker needs to get  alesco started in what can one day prove to be a productive and fulfilling hobby. There are two basic levels available on the market and which type is right for a particular individual depends on what they personally would like to get out of their decision to start brewing ale.

Basic Ale Brewing Kits

Many ale enthusiasts looking to get their feet wet when it comes to home brewing opt for this very basic type of kit. They are incredibly affordable, costing on average around $40-50, and will typically yield about 2 gallons of fresh, homemade ale. Commonly included equipment includes a 2-gallon fermenter, enough raw ingredients to brew a single batch of ale, and a how-to manual to help beginners understand the basics of the brewing process. Brewing ale using one of these kits is a terrific way to figure out whether or not homebrewing is for you without investing a ton of money or time.

Advanced Ale Brewing Kits

Advanced level kits for brewing ale include everything provided in the basic kits. However, they also include the necessary accessories for bottling your newly made ale including siphons, reusable bottles, funnels, strainers, and so forth. They will also typically allow you the ability to start brewing ale in larger batches and many come complete with brewing aids (thermometers, for example) that help you keep a closer watch on the development and quality level of your ales as they’re created.

Advanced kits for brewing ale also usually come with a wider variety of ingredients, making them good choices for creative individuals who would rather not be limited to brewing only one type of ale. This is also the perfect option for people who have at least some experience with more basic kits and would like to take things to the next level, but still prefer brewing ale via the convenience provided by a preassembled kit. This type of kit can usually be obtained for $150-300 depending on the brand and the precise configuration.

Which of these two types of kits is right for you depends on whether you’d prefer to start with the bare bones of homebrewing or something that provides you with more creative flexibility in regards to your finished product.

The author of this article, Drew Brown, has one hobby. On his website Brewing Your Own. com he tells you all about the above systems like home brew ale kits in general or coopers real ale in particular.



The Best Halal Vegetarian Food in Japan

You know what irritates me when I travel? Being a vegan and not finding a good restaurant to satisfy my growling stomach and being a Muslim having to find Halal food is a big task in itself. When I visited Japan I had no idea I’d find vegan restaurants so easily and finding halal restaurants in Japan is a piece of cake nowadays since the government has announced Muslim friendly policies. All I had to do was a simple Google search on the super fast internet in Japan and there was a huge list of Halal Vegetarian restaurants in Japan. Out of the many choices, I found these three the best. Go ahead and read my reviews on these famous kishin-fukuoka Halal restaurants in Japan.

Bejita Hamamatsu

Bejita Cafe offers brown rice and vegetable which is useful for health. To guarantee nourishment and health, they are specific about the cooking process. There are regular dishes, for example, the Month to month Special Kobachi platter” and additionally treats not using ingredients like white sugar, eggs, dairy product. This restaurant also features a Kid’s play area and small shops that sell reliable ingredients from known sources. The overall ambience is very good and the food served is fresh and mouth watering.

Recommended Dishes: Café Latte, Apple Pie and Monthly Plate.


This restaurant serves delicious, healthy and natural vegan meals by utilizing precisely chosen ingredients that stimulate your body while putting your brain at ease. They serve BENTO box snacks and cooked food for take away. They avoid using any animal extracts, chemical substances, flavor enhancers, additives, or sugar. The best thing is they offer “meat taste-alike” dishes that utilization millet, dried food, and vegetables as different options for fish, eggs, or ground meat, and simple side dishes and delicious desserts. It is highly recommended that one make prior reservation since this restaurant is always bustling with diners. It also makes sure that they have enough food prepared because the only drawback of this restaurant is that they stop taking orders once the food and boxes finish.

Recommended Dishes: Agemono and seasonal cake.

Café Magnolia

Cafe Magnolia is situated in Tamagawa-cho, Imabari City (Ehime prefecture) with wonderful views of the countryside and scenery. The dishes are prepared with natural wheat, rice and beans vegetables and kelp for four seasons. The owner, Rumiko SEO is a very decent and welcoming woman. She has travelled and eaten all around the globe amid her exchanging organization days. Krial Kayoko who lived in the U.S. for a long time is also a co-owner and is glad to welcome diners.

Recommended Dishes: Organic Spaghetti and Gateau Chocolate Tofu Whipped Cream. is a website designed to fulfill one place information need of Muslim travelers in Japan.

Soul Eater is a very interesting anime, without saying anything about it, I can tell you that it is pretty much the perfect anime to do an AMV for the “This is Halloween” song. Pretty much every single time I start watching an episode and the opening theme comes on, I imagine that song. No joke. So what is Soul Eater? Well, it is an action, comedy, and drama anime series that takes place in a city called, you guessed it, Death City! The city is watched over and ruled by Lord Death himself, and his trusty death scythes.

Lord Death, many ages ago, established a school in this city, called Death Weapon Meister Academy. Just as it sounds, it is a school for young meisters and weapons. A meister is a person who has the special ability to be able to bond, and wield a weapon. A weapon, is a person that can literally transform their body into some sort of weapon. The ultimate goal for these students is to pair up, meister and weapon, and go out hunting kishin and witch souls. Kishin are evil persons that are possessed by… well evil. Most of the time they turn to devouring human souls which is a huge no no. A weapon must consume 99 kishin souls and one witch soul in order to become a death scythe. This means that they become more powerful and get the opportunity to serve Lord Death as his weapon. Phew, I think that about covers it.

Our main characters of this anime are pretty descent, some more than others. First off we have Maka, a young meister who’s father is a death scythe and who’s mother was the meister that got him there. Soul is her weapon partner, he’s a pretty beast scythe. Black Star is a flamboyant “ninja,” who is actually pretty powerful. Tsubaki is his weapon, she has the unique ability to change into different “modes.” Then we have Death the kid, son of Lord Death himself and absolutely obsessed with symmetry. Liz and Patty are his weapons, they turn into a pair of mighty shooting pistols.



Farting Phenomenon – All That You Need To Know

Farts can make unbelievably boisterous resounding clamours

Farts are actually the gasses that are automatically generated in the digestive tract and get ousted by means of the rear hole. Due to the weight and surprisingly wonderful formation of the humans’ rear zone, farts can make unbelievably boisterous resounding clamours. All creatures with digestion systems and a rear exit unfailingly produce blasting farts. Then again, contingent upon the kind of nourishment they eat, they may break wind essentially less and to a differing level of smell. f2art A few individuals accuse farting for gulped air. As a general rule, just a little part of your farts results from the air that you inhale (this air gets retained into the digestive system).

Most of the gases are delivered from the breakdown of edibles in the digestive framework

When you eat something, it advances down into the stomach where gastric acids separate the nourishment into littler parts, similar to sugars and amino acids. From that point, the nourishment goes into the little and internal organs, where they are further separated to be retained into the digestive system. The edibles which don’t get consumed by the digestive system go into the colon. There are various microorganisms (counting accommodates microscopic organisms) found in the colon. These microorganisms eat the sustenance waste in the colon. Gas is created as a result of the microorganisms separating the sustenance waste.

There is a wide array of Farting Gasses that humans produce

The majority of the gasses that pass through the anus are:

Carbon dioxide
Sulfur mixes are responsible for more NOTICEABLE, TERRIFYING and BIZARRE farts

Note that two of the gasses, hydrogen and methane, are combustible. Therefore, it is truly conceivable to light a fart like you see in gooey satire films. I wouldn’t prescribe this, however, in light of the fact that you could set your butt ablaze. It is even workable for the blazes to be consumed up into the rear end. Of alternate gasses which make up farts, unpredictable sulfur mixes are the ones which make fart sound so terrible. The foods and other edibles that are high in sulfur will deliver smelly farts.

Vegan farts don’t smell as terrible as farts from the meat-eaters

A few veggie lovers may fart more as a result of the considerable number of beans they eat, yet vegan farts don’t smell as terrible as farts from the meat-eaters. Actually, meats contain high measures of sulfur and consequently deliver stinky farts. Further, it sets aside quite a while to process meat. Meat sits in the digestive tract and microorganisms start working on it to create a lot of the stinky and unpredictable sulfur mixes. In this way, vegans tend to fart all the more, however, their farts stink less. As the foods like eggs, onions and others from the cabbage family are likewise high in sulphur, and therefore, those who consume them always create intolerably stinky farts.

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Reiki Symbols – Reiki Master’s Sacred Tools

Reiki symbols have been used by reiki masters ages ago. These symbols are used to give reiki attunement or for healing. In the past, there were more than 100 reiki symbols, but now only a few are known to the public. Among these, 3 symbols are widely known to general public. These 3 symbols are:

1. Cho Ku Rei (pronounced as cho koo ray)

Cho Ku Rei is known as power symbol. The basic meaning of Cho Ku Rei is placing the power seikatsusuidosos of the universe where you want it. This symbol can be used to activate chakras, increase the power of reiki energy or other symbols. Some healers consider this as a power booster to channel the reiki energy. Other than energy booster, this symbol could also be used for protection by directly draw Cho Ku Rei on the person or object you would like to protect.

2. Sei He Ki (pronounced as Say Hay Key)

Reiki symbols Sei He Ki is commonly used as cleaning purpose and considered as mental, emotional symbol. General translation of this symbol is the unity of God and man. Reiki healers use Sei He Ki to clean mental and emotional problems such as fear, depression, sadness, as well as physical health problem. Other than that, Sei He Ki could be used to improve memory and to help heal drugs, alcohol or smoking addiction. Healers usually draw this symbol directly to the person and the body parts during the healing session.

3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (pronounced as hon sha zee show nen)

This is the distant healing symbol. The basic meaning of this reiki symbol is there is no limitation on time and distance. Reiki healers use this symbol to do distance healing, without meeting the person he is treating.

Reiki symbols are powerful tools that work on your intention. The symbols will well with drawing or visualization.

Debby Law practices Reiki Healing and hold Shamballa Reiki Master since 2003. Reiki is the best and easy way for you to get health naturally, especially if you are a Reiki Master.

There are three main levels or degrees of Reiki. The First Degree is used to heal the self and others. The Second Degree is used for distant healing. The Third Degree or Master/Teacher is used to teach and attune others to Reiki.

There are three main levels or degrees of Reiki. The First Degree is used to heal the self and others. The Second Degree is used for distant healing. The Third Degree or Master/Teacher is used to teach and attune others to Reiki.

The traditional way of learning Reiki involves the student being given the First symbol, usually Cho Ku Rei. The student will then spend weeks (at the very least) practising drawing, chanting and channelling this symbol. When the master is happy that the student is strong enough in the Cho Ku Rei energy he will then give the Second symbol, probably Sei Hei Ki. Once again the student will have to spend weeks practising drawing, chanting and channelling this symbol. This same process would also be used for the Third symbol, usually Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Once the student has mastered these basic symbols they would then move on to practising healing others.

The student would experience Cho Ku Rei being most effective for physical healing, Sei Hei Ki best for emotional healing, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen best for mind or mental healing (also known as distant healing) for people far away,.

A typical Reiki treatment will begin with the Reiki practitioner instructing the recipient to lie down and relax usually on a massage table. To calm themselves in preparation for the treatment the practitioner will usually meditate.

The treatment proceeds with the practitioner placing their hands on various parts of the recipient’s body using the various symbols to channel healing energy. Practitioners can also use a non-touching method of healing where the hands are held a few inches away from the body. Reiki can also be used for distant healing using symbols like Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. With permission from the recipient the practitioner will calm themselves as if the recipient were in the room with them and then, while holding the intention of healing the recipient, channel the distant healing energy.