Palm Beach Gold Coast Walk – Creek to Creek

Palm Beach is a lovely beachside suburb, nestled between two creeks Currumbin and Tallebudgera. The location lends itself to some spectacular scenery not featured in other areas of the Gold Coast. There are a number of walks that offer a variety of scenes, from boardwalks, beach walks and parklands to the Gold Coast hinterland.

Wherever you are in Palm Beach you are not far from the beach, just head for the Gold Coast Hwy and there just a matter of metres away usually in sight is the sea! palm beach

Early morning beach walk

During the summer months walking along the beach early morning is wonderful, get up with the birds to take advantage of the cool morning air before the sun gets too hot or the Australian sun will curtail your activities. It can get very warm in the summer months after 7am, particularly if there isn’t any sea breeze, walking the length of Palm Beach should take you approximately 40mins depending how many times you stop to pick up shells or take in the view.

Start your beach walk at Currumbin Creek

If you start at the southern end of Palm Beach, (Currumbin Creek) you will not be disappointed with views in both directions. Looking south you have Currumbin Alley with its beautiful rock formation jutting out to reach for the surf and behind is Currumbin Lagoon, looking north is majestic Burleigh Headland National Park with Surfers Paradise in the distance. Even hi-rises can take on another form in the early morning light they sparkle and look magical when the first rays of sunlight drench their windows with light.

Take a detour onto Jefferson Lane and see living history

Famous Jefferson Lane runs parallel with the beach and is worth a look from the street level. The lane still features many of the old beach shacks that were popular beach homes in the fifties and sixties. Living history is still much of a part of this beachside suburb, but not for long they are disappearing fast and being replaced with luxury homes.

Back onto the beach at 15th Avenue

Continue heading north towards Tallebudgera Creek, Burleigh Headland National Park is looming ever closer with its inviting green canopy creeping onto Echo Beach. When you arrive at the rockwall, walk along the full length and feast your eyes on one of the best views on the Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise to the north, Gold Coast Hinterland with Mt Tallebudgera and the Springbrook plateau to the west. The southern aspect features the full length of Palm Beach with views of Currumbin Rock and Coolangatta.

Burleigh Headland

Now it’s time to take a break and get ready to cross Tallebudgera Bridge and visit Burleigh Headland National Park, a must for all visitors who come to the Gold Coast. Here you can take a leisurely stroll or a good workout climbing the upper circuit.

See you on my next walk.

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