Reap the Benefits the Travel Industry Offers As a Home Based Business – Know the Facts

For as long as travel has existed it has grown and expanded in nature and in revenue generation. In this modern society it is becoming more and more common for travelers to book their trips via the internet. However, there will always be a need for access to human communication to resolve those extenuating circumstances hotel booking.

Recent statistics published by the U.S. Travel Association state that the travel industry is a $770,000,000,000 or 770 billion dollar industry. This number may decrease slightly in this time of economic recovery, but the number is certain to stay high.

Who is receiving all of this money? Here is a breakdown of a few of the more popular internet sites.

Originally started by Microsoft, Expedia is publicly traded so it’s owned by its stockholders. Chairman Barry Diller owns 58% of the stock.

Travelocity is a privately owned company and a subsidiary of Sabre Holdings Corp. 2005 revenue generated by Travelocity was $830 million (most recent statistic found). Travelocity was actually the first internet travel service that allowed customers to reserve, book, and purchase tickets without the help of a travel agent or broker.

Orbitz is another publicly traded company. This was a collaborative project of several major airlines starting in 2001. In 2004 all of Orbitz stock was purchased by Cendant Corp for $27.50 per share. As of the writing of this article, Orbitz shares are currently selling for $1.89 per share.

What does this mean for the prospects of working in the travel industry? There are internet based travel companies that allow you to promote the use of their sites and earn commissions on travel booked. Rovia is one provider of internet travel services that now has access to 3 Global Distribution Services, giving them a very competitive edge on the internet. Compensation plans vary as well as products and services offered. There is no physical office to go to and you can set your own schedule. There are even training programs available to extend your credentials in order to attract more customers and earn higher commissions.

Earn your way into the billion dollar travel industry. Take advantage of work from home options and earn direct commissions versus making risky stock investments! Do your research, and find a legitimate business opportunity that allows you to enjoy the benefits of the travel business without the old fashioned restrictions of a traditional employer.

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