Travel Loans For United States Armed Forces Personnel

The United States Armed Forces are a projection of American power all over the globe. Two world wars where the tide in favor of the free world only turned because of American armed might, have helped carve for the men in uniform a special place in the hearts of the American people. The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and the National Guard are the main constituents of the US armed Forces united travel.

The United States forces operate on a global scale from Afghanistan to Germany and Korea. Thus American soldiers both men and women are posted at far flung locations. As a rule all official travel expenses of the soldier, seaman or airman is borne by the concerned arm. But in case a member of the soldiers family needs to travel for an emergency or otherwise the bill has to be footed by the soldier himself. This is the time a travel loan can come in handy and mitigate the personal immediate expense of the soldier. Serving and retired soldiers, military dependents and federal government employees are all eligible for these travel loans.

Obtaining a VA card is the first step that cannot be obviated. Do be clear that this is not a credit card or an insurance card. It is basically an identification card that shows that you are connected to the Arms or a POW or winner of a purple heart. You may apply for the card in person or on the net. When you apply for this card the information given by you is correlated and checked and after confirmation the card is mailed to you within 10 days at the most. Once you have the card you are entitled to a lot of benefits from dozens of companies who honor the spirit of the American soldier. This card is like an identification badge and you can rest assured that no sensitive information like your date of birth etc is on the card.

Once you have decided to avail a travel loan then it is in your own interest to carry out a survey on the net and then decide which travel loan suits you the most. Along with private offers the US government also lends a helping hand with its own travel offers.

There are many offers available. One of them is the bereavement loan. This loan can be availed in case of bereavement in a soldier’s family. However please be clear that the loans can only be availed for the specific purpose they are taken i. e. travel. You can’t use the money for something else. These loans are unsecured and may require a good credit rating.

Servicemen and service women must read the terms and conditions of the loan offer in detail before accepting the loan. This is in their interest. Also they must check the rate of interest that the loan carries, as it will have a direct bearing on your monthly installment. These loans are distinctly different from a pay day loan and cannot be carried or rolled forward.

In addition these travel loans are for short periods only. The amounts involved are also not very high. However the rate of interest is not low. Being unsecured loans the rate of interest charged will always be high. Hence it’s essential that you carry out an evaluation before exercising your option. However the plus point is that these loans are available without any large paper work

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